Rare item disbursement seems skewed

Not to complain I know rare items are called that for a reason, but it seems like their disbursement is skewed. Compasses seem to be my problem. I think the game should make the odds a little better on those considering how many heroes need them. You can’t farm them. And apparently I can’t win them! I seem to be in good company with this problem. Something needs fixed with this. I have alliance mates who have more than they will ever need and I have alliance mates who are so low they may never be able to advance their teams which seems to be the boat that I am in. We don’t seem to be able to buy them. We’re sure as hell not winning them. May I suggest one of two solutions. Number one, activate a titfortat trading system within alliances. Either make there an ability to trade rare items within the alliance, or the ability to purchase them from other alliance members. That is one solution. Solution number two. Please buff the odds for compasses and other rare items that we don’t seem to get the option to buy in the cheaper purchase bundles by one or two percentage points.
Very few things are more frustrating than loving a game and having it go stale because you cannot grow. I need about 5 compasses immediately and have needed them for a while. I have spent an exorbitant amount of time and I do spend cash on this game and I certainly love it, but, if I can’t grow my heroes what’s the point?

Basically everybody has that one item that won’t drop for them. For me, it’s gloves. As with everything else in the game, it’s a matter of patience… There are a couple of guaranteed sources of these items, but they are admittedly few and far between. I’ve been afraid to look, but something in the back of my mind says that Avalon next week has a couple of pairs of gloves for me…


I wish you nothing but the best of luck on your gloves! In a situation like the compasses and the gloves where almost every hero needs them once you start getting into the four and five stars, maybe we should have an option at the end of season 1 or possibly in season 2 where we can farm them? Waiting for a random drop just isn’t cutting it.
So if you had a vote which would you prefer, a farming option, a trading option within your alliance, or a purchase option within the alliance?

Compass are very common. Challenge event will give you multiple compass every month, just one place to get them. They give compass monthly but gloves they don’t give monthly. Compass is not the problem.

That is why i say distribution is skewed. It gives You compasses every month. It doesn’t necessarily give everybody else compasses. I do every challenge event, I am so active I think I’ve missed one Titan in six months and I am in every war. I have not gotten a single compass unless it was listed in a challenge event as guaranteed loot. This is where a trade option would be awesome because I have gloves! If you were in my alliance wouldn’t it be nice to trade? One rare item for 1 rare item?

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I lack compasses too! As soon as it comes in from the challenge event ir loot it’s gone. Can be annoying as have to be selective on who gets them.
They did do a deal in the Christmas calendar x amount of gems and 3 compass for I think a £5.
I do tend to find once I get 1 then another few come along after then it drys up again!


Dang, I can’t believe I missed it, would’ve jumped on that.

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More deals like this, please.


I sure didn’t see that one! I’m not sure how much £5 is in USD, but I will guarantee you that I spent a lot of money at Christmas during their event.

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Not sure if they do any deals with a guarantee compass that is cheap,not in a bundle.

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I misunderstood my mistake. I thought you were saying that there was a single purchase that had three compasses. And yes I absolutely purchased that bundle because the drops are non-existent

Me too for gloves.
I have about 15, 16 or 17 4* heroes to ascend, about half of them or more I CAN ascend because I have sturdy shields, orbs etc but I have NO gloves.

Yeah, bummed I missed it. The holiday season was pretty hectic irl and I didn’t get to login every day - most days, but missed that one :slightly_frowning_face:

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If you have the roster depth for it, I would suggest moving to an Alliance that is fighting more challenging titans. Titans are the best source of un-farmable AM in the game. In my experience, not all titans are equal…higher level titans give better loot even with the same number of AM rolls.

Now, to those of you who are inspired by this proclamation…I’m not blatantly plugging Crew KNIGHTS…who happen to have a spot available right now…but it’s one of many great Alliances worth considering who are hitting high-end titans.

If your compass and fine glove woes still have not gone away after AM rains down on you non-stop, Springvale (and it’s glorious offer calendar) should arrive mid-April if you all can wait that long :wink:

Nah I got it wrong you can buy that offer up to 3 times I bought it 3 times so three compasses. :woman_shrugging:
Well it don’t really matter haha!
Let’s hope the springvale calendar that was mentioned has some compass deals in them. Or if any come I’ll tag you n the OP in this thread so you don’t miss out! :+1:

It does though. Every challenge event you will collect like 5 or 6 compasses.

Thank you for the offer. We are doing 7 & 8 star Titans with harpoons. I’m pretty much always in the top 8

Does anyone else notice that the path of valor doesn’t have any compasses or gloves? How come these items are kept so amazingly rare? Pretty much every four star and every five star need these items for Ascension. Even if you have 15 they’re going to go fast!

This is a game of patience. In a year, you’ll have more compasses than you care about

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Probably in the next one.

So is that the last half of the first year or the second year or when? Not trying to be a smart-a** seriously, but I’m a level 32. The drops on the gloves are much more common for me than compasses. Some people seem to be skewed to having many more compasses than gloves. It’s almost like when you start the game you get locked into a specific algorithm and it sticks making certain items more prevalent than others

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