Rare ice chest

I just finished an Ice Chest quest. The first rare chest ive gotten. Here is the loot I received.


This is one of the best I saw chest quest.

Awesome! Wow, I so need a compass… :heart_eyes:

Great job there. :relaxed:


Note to devs: This is what I expect from defeating a titan. Not the piddlin’ little amounts we currently get.


Awesome awards! I wish the Titan rewards were even half this. :slight_smile:


Especially high rank on those monster titans!

I’ve just started on my ice chest mission, I hope my rewards at the completion of this chest is equal to what you received Pyper. Well done. Which Epic hero did you receive from using your token ?

I think that Pyper quitted the game.

Nope, I still play. I just quit the forums.

And if you’re asking me what hero i received from an epic token that i used more than a year ago, i’m afraid i don’t remember.

Most rare chest rewards aren’t as good as the one above. I posted it because that was just awesome!

It were truly awesome, a relic of the past :slight_smile:

Here is my ice chest from yesterday.

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