Rare, Freaky, Genetic Mutations club. Inspiration @nevarmaor and @math4lyfe

Welcome all Rare Freaky Genetic Mutants! I am a Dork and Mutant, what are you?


Definitely Nerd. times 20


I’m probably more of a mutant nerd. Or nerd mutant. Or dorky mutant nerd geek.

Or crotchety old boomer. GET OFF MY LAWN! Dang kids.


I get @nevarmaor being an inspiration for genetic mutations but surely you have @Math4lyfe confused for someone (something?) else.


She’s a genetic mutation wannabe.


I think your stealing @PapaHeavy’s line there. :joy: Man, i wish my likes didn’t go so fast

she wanted to be. :smile: Which makes her a


Checking in as a RFGM.


Me: How is one trusted with grading one’s own intelligence? Are e-sports sports? Is it unconventional if there are conventions created for it? Is online poker a tech related sport? How many bears can Bear Grylls grill if Bear Grylls could grill bears?


Bear Grylls at his best


Squeezing water out of elephant dung, I remember that episode…that guy is something else lol
He’s a good survivalist, but sold his soul to show-business. Not the guy whose advice I would listen to haha.



I think I’ve earned my status of RFGM. I mean, band is a sport… right??


I suppose it’s a team sport, of sorts. I mean jamming is an exhausting physical activity.

Is it marching band? I hear that will be an Olympic sport in 2036.

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I’m probably a rare, freaky, genetic mutation. I don’t know exactly where I fit in on the nerd/geek/dork spectrum, though.

According to tests, I’m above average in terms of book smarts, but probably not genius level.

I scored a 135 on an officially administered IQ test about 25 years ago, though I can’t recall whether it was the Stanford–Binet or the CFIT; important distinction, because a 135 on the former would qualify me for Mensa, whilst a 135 on the latter would not…

I’m not really that into sports, but I’m fairly strong physically… Hulk can lift heavy stuffs.

I dig most things from sci-fi and medieval fantasy genres.

I like most things STEM related, but I’m not qualified to work in any of the fields professionally.

I completed some college, but dropped out before acquiring a degree due to not having the many thousands of dollars necessary to finish.

I’m definitely a weirdo and an overall social outcast.


Wow. You might have the qualifications to be our club president. :blush::blush:

I also qualified for Mensa… nothing I put on my resume, but a cool conversation piece sometimes.


As long as the main requirement is being a rare weirdo… yep, I can check that box. But there are many people who are a lot smarter than me.

And I’m still not sure I actually qualify for Mensa… never actually applied, the IQ test I took was in school. My dad claims to have an IQ over 150. He’s fairly bright, so I don’t doubt it. But test numbers don’t always tell the whole story. My mother’s IQ is almost certainly lower than mine, but she has a Master’s Degree and has accomplished a lot more in her life than I ever did.

Also seeing that you’re a math teacher… I used to be fairly good at math. Scored a 690 on the math section of the SAT. Yet I quit math once I hit pre-calculus level because I absolutely hated it. No offense! I was smart enough to figure it out if I wanted to, but had zero motivation to put in the effort.

lol. :joy:



Are you smart?
If I have to ask, I’m probably not.

Do you play sports?
Yes, and I miss them profusely.

I was in a quarantine depressive funk the other day, so I took my dog out for a walk. He was walking really fast, borderline running, so I broke into a jog, then he started going faster, so I went faster, and before I knew it I was on a full on sprint foot race with my dog. And dogs are fast.

I probably looked ridiculous, but when I got home I was happy, and I realized that what I was missing was athletic competition. Something to push me.

Can’t wait to play competitive sports again.



I’m either a rare, freak genetic mutation or I’m boring.
I play sports so my split comes right at the beginning when asked if I’m smart or not.

Also how do you define unconventional?


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