Rare Elemental Missions: Does Raid Rank Matter?

Just today, while I am 8 holy kills from finishing off my Rare Elemental Wanted Mission, I saw that I was at a record high of 575 trophies. It’s clear to me that one’s rank effects the Heroes Wanted Mission Chest, but I’m curious… does one’s tier (Bronze, Silver, etc) matter in the calculation of the Elemental one?

It came up and replaced the Heroes one, which is why I inquire.

Whether it does or not, I went ahead and rerolled a few times to get a surefire win. I have now officially hit Silver for the first time. :smiley:

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The elemental chest can replace any one of the three (Titan, Raid, Monster). It’s a luck of the draw.

Would love to have two elemental chests at one time but I’ve never seen evidence of that.

Dont think it’s possible unless you just don’t fill the first one and only fill one of the other chest positions until 2nd one pops

Been filling 4 elemental chests per month, have cup dropped few times from diamond to gold back to diamond, never noticed a change in elemental chest loot

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Well, when you crack the Heroes chest it declares what tier you are at. Sounds like it doesn’t do that for elemental chests… if not, seems safe to say it doesn’t play a role.


Still, mini-cheer today. I made it to Silver! :slight_smile:


Arena rank does not effect the loot of the War/Elemental chests at all.
I tried - as I am a dropper - all the arena ranks with the AW and the Elemental chests loots … not great on diamond neither not a loser on silver at all.

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Danng… if this is normal, I want me more rare wanted chests. Heck yeah. I’m content with that.

That is a fairly normal elemental chest. This is why many players use gems to skip the wait time between chests in order to try and get more of them in a shorter amount of time. The mat rolls are some of the best in the game; 2 rolls of guaranteed 3* or higher. Yes, you can get farmable ones, but the odds are fairly good for unfarmable ascension mats.

Take note that there is a maximum number of waiting skips per 24 hour period (I believe 4).

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I have a question on elemental chests if anyone knows.

Why is it someplayers seem to get 3 to 4 chests a months when others who also do every task, event etc only get 1 every couple of months.

is there a criteria that needs to be met which makes these chests appear or is it so random that no one knows.

More chests you fill, more chances you have to see more elemental chests

Skipping monster or raid chests timers helps

Filling every chest you possibly can day in and day out

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Not sure what is meant by this sentence, please explain.

As for filling more chests. personally speaking I fill at least 2 monster chests a day, 1 raid chest and do every titan thus filling titan chest every 5 titans, plus I do every event that appears and that is not including when I use flasks.
It’s actually not possible for me to do me than what the game offers after having done everything.

that is the part confuses me as i reach every limit and yet still never get them as much as some others who don’t.


Once i fill my monster chest, I’ll be able to skip the wait timer once 42 minutes are up, and immediately fill a 2nd one. Then fill my raid chest after that. In another 8 hours I’ll be able to fill another raid or monster chest.

I’ve been in the Diamond arena for a couple of months now. I skip chests and get 4 a day - 2 raid and 2 monsters. (I could skip more but my family would have to starve and I’d become somewhat of a hermit).

On average, I receive an Elemental Chest every 10 days - sometimes less. I’ve been tracking what chests I receive for a few months now.

To answer your question, I’d have to say no to the Raid Rank affect.


I was skipping x4 chests daily long ago and still had ONLY ONE Elemental chest every 32 days … this last till now … I don’t now skip any more cause no matter for me … its just the RGN controlling every thing in E&P.

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