Rare Chests

These rare chests are near impossible with weaker teams. Without completing the rare chest we receive next to NO materials to upgrade or heros. So we are stuck in this rut. this is unfair to the weaker teams. The ONLY way (it seams) is to BUY (cash) the items in the special offer (WAY over priced) packs.
I FULLY understand that they can not just fill the chests up BUT something has to give. I go through chests as fast as I can, for what seams like 90% of the time NOTHING of any help. Even element chests are dis heartening.
There is NO DOUBT that they can adjust the chests to your level to help just a bit. I have had Gormec and Kelile needing 2 hidden blades to ascend for over 2 months. Then when I get ( I wont) those 2 blades I have to decide which to ascend. I have spent over 400$ and have a nice team of 4*s that will never ascend, and a drake fong stuck and will never ascend to his 3rd ascension to show for the money. I love this game but the money has STOPPED.

Best way is to watch the quests. Every 2 or 3 weeks it seems, they add quests that give guaranteed 4 star ascension items. you should be able to at least beat the level with hidden blades. This game takes awhile to grind. If you aren’t spending money, make sure you’re always doing your chests and fighting the titan to maximize your chances of getting good loot.

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Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: I know it takes a long time. Its just so many of these are setup where the little guy has no chance. I fill every chest and fight every war and every titan

I mean every chest I can LOL

This is definitely a game that requires patience. I just looked and I have 18 heros at level 70 or above and I spend very little. Probably averaged $10/mo or so. I’ve been playing for well over a year though. Do you have a fully stable of quality fully ascended 3s? That should allow (with use of some battle items) you to at least get all the available rare 3 (3* items for 4* hero’s) ascension materials in the rare quests and events. Rare quests come ever 7-10 days and events once a month. Then that will help you start ascending your 4s. Which will allow better scores on higher level titans and competing at the highest levels of events and rare quests which will slowly lead to more of the top tier items. But your first 5 always takes a while…several months is probably typical.

Mount umber is just up giving Blade and Rings. If your team is weak you can still do it with bombs arrows axes. I did my first rare quest with ~2700 teampower.

elemental chests are good. My first one was 150 green and dropped tokens.