Rare chest

This is joke or what ? Rare chest look like that ?

Look like what?

20 character limit is kinda dumb.

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Ow the RNG was not nice to you.

I’m realy angry now …waiting so long and they give me someting like this …

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You and me both. Did they get nerfed AGAIN? Because this is a dumb joke. My friend also got something similar.


9750 gem packages don’t sell themselves.


Feels bad, did they nerf chests again?

My last one gave me a ton of ham and iron (which you guys don’t show), 50 gems which is a lot, two 3* ascension items (my 25th and 26th shields lol) and a Epic troop token from the 3 token roll.

Sorry you guys got poor rolls, but it didn’t seem nerfed for me.

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Yeah that sounds like a decent haul. I usually don’t track ham and iron gains from the chest as I get enough from other sources already. How long ago was your last elemental chest? After the most recent update?

I got one after the most recent update that had rings and a compass and a troop token. So no further nerf as far as I can tell.

I have yet to experience a rare chest with 0 non-farmables. But I have seen enough reported in my alliance and on the forums to know that they happen occasionally since the (virtually certain) nerf of several months back. Nowhere near enough data to be certain no nerf has happened subsequently. But also doesn’t seem to be enough of a groundswell to indicate one has happened either.

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Its just bad RNG. I got a farsight telescope from a regular monster chest and a damascus blade from the mystic vision. These things happen. Just keep grinding.

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It was last week. I am unsure where that times it with the update.

The update was earlier this week, so your rare chest came before.

EFFING F!!! normally try not to complain but this is getting ridiculously EFFED UP!

Played almost 6 months now

6 rare chest

5 AM, 18 silver tokens

Just completed fire elemental chest = ham, iron, 20 gems, tickets, troop token and two pairs of tall boots !!

There’s a reason I don’t do the lottery lol

Elemental chests should be treated like any other chest, just cause they have a fancy color doesn’t mean they will be special.
Problem is everyone thinks they are getting an unfarmable item, howerver they drop a very high percentage of boots, chainmail, reqding book, all farmable. Tokens are 90% of the time just silver coins that you win for free everyday, and perhaps a flask or hero trainer.
My last two elemental chests were like this, and that is the norm. so any good items are considered luck for me.
Elemental chests have been tricky, don’t be fooled! We treat them like a special shiny candy but when you taste it is just good old broccoli.