Rare chest on the provinces

Will it be injurious to ask the developers of this game to put in random chests in the provinces?
Waiting for special chests and lame items on the provinces are so out and boring…sure the game is one of patience but woii.
Next topic here is my displeasure of the color tiles when the game specify one color heroes. Hello? Where is the fairness in that? Its a disadvantage when all you may be able to use is 3 out of 5 hero’s!
Was it for badges…my head is spinning!!!

You may wish to suggest your thought (random chests in the provinces) in the Idea section, where other players can then vote on it. :+1::wink:



@Marcia moved your post to ideas and feature request so ppl can vote if they like your idea :slightly_smiling_face:

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I feel you can consolidate these two ideas in one thread. :slight_smile:

I did. And now am waiting!

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If you did, then you can request to close the other topic as it will be a duplicate one and readers might be confused wh8ch one to vote on. :slight_smile:

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Actually it went posted via the 2 on 2 different threads…lets see how it pans out