Rare characters

Who are the most rarest hero’s in the game(Any level)? Especially 5* legendary heroes.

Also When, where and how can I obtain ALBERICH, ATOMOS, GURDIAN PANTHER, AERGIS(I forget his name lol), etc?

You want Atomos? Gosh. (Sorry, not helpful.)

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There “rarest” legendary heroes are some previous HOTM and you can only get them (for now hoping for some news from hero academy) is in atlantis portal… every month 2 previous hotm will be featured and you will have a small chance to get them… same goes for atlantis heroes the only diference is that 2 will be featured and the others will have a very reduced % draw.

Others like panter are from montly events.

Others like mother north are from seasonal event (once a year)


He want a rare character, so Atomos fits the bill. Yay!
You can get 'em at the end of this month at the Atlantis summon.

I guess the rarest heroes would probably be the oldest HOTM, or maybe the Summer heroes, as they had the least amount summoned as player numbers were lower back then

If you are new to the game, I recommend not obsessively chasing those heroes though. Start with maxing a three star team, then a four star team or two, then fives. The ascension materials for fives will take the longest time to obtain

You can play this game quite successfully without having the rarest heroes. If you focus on levelling good solid heroes, especially fours, how to work a bad board into a good one, and which heroes work well together, then you will be more successful

To really answer your question though, I would say rarest heroes (in terms of number owned by players) are probably Yunan, Rana, Sargasso, Kestrel, Lepus. Just my guess.


I would say victor aswel and maybe ares and perseus beying old hotms not so atractive less people try them in atlantis portal

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Yunan and Rana probably are until this year’s sand event. They weren’t highly regarded then, and have only been around once.

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