Rare blessing comparison

What do ppl prefer: 15% damage reduction or stacking 5% defense?

  • 15% damage reduction
  • Stack +5% defense

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I’m sure there is some math wizard in the forum who can breakdown the math :sweat_smile::smile:

Which is better 50% defense or 15% damage reduction

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Does the damage reduction applies to DoT as well?

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I’m not sure how the maths works or whether DOT is reduced (good point) but what I do know is that the first few matches of the opening board are the most critical period where my heroes are the most vulnerable.

So I’d rather take the -15% damage reduction from the outset than the one where 5% is given per turn (although I do like the latter too…)

Not saying this is the correct approach but it’s just how my mind works!

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It is more important to have damage reduction and health over defence especially in ninja tower. Back then cobalt was in almost every hard stage and he bypasses defence, rendering your D stacks useless. Damage reduction also helps against stage poison


I second this, this is often when I carelessly lose a hero due to slash attacks, because I haven’t charged my specials yet, summoned minions yet, or otherwise buffed my heroes yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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All great points thank you!

So does damage reduction apply to DoT or just the stage poison?

Damage reduction applies to all damage done to you

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Both are good :slight_smile:

I think I picked 1 of each.

As has been mentioned:
Damage reduction works right away and ise therefore better if slash attacks from the first waves are killing you.
The stacks I believe have more power when maxed out, so would help more if you have trouble with the bosses killing you.

At least that is how I think when I have to pick.