Rare Bane and 5* heros

Supposedly Bane is a rare hero. Why then does it seem like there are so many of him? How do you go about getting a 5-star hero? I haven’t even gotten one yet. Who is usually the first 5-star hero. I guess I don’t mind the Bane Heroes so much he makes good food for my 4 * yellow Heroes. But still I would like to get a 5 star at some point


Did you built and run tc20 already? Most of my 27 5* came from there. Alongside a big amount of Banes, too.

There was a time when I was running 4 tc20 non stop
I’ve got all s1 4* and a bunch of the 5*s. Takes time but they will show up.

If you are looking for event, hotm, seasonal and other special 5* I’m afraid to say the only way is just trying. It may take 4 dollars, it may 7k dollars… you may do infinite pulls & still get nothing. You may do 1 pull and get a special 5*.

It’s up to you to organize your training camps and gems use. :slight_smile:


Think they trying to say how is bane rare when you see him quite frequently. Iv said it before about the uncommon hero’s aswell it’s to do with the wording now myztico is a uncommon hero as not many people have him not jenna who pops up everyday, :wink:

Aren’t we guaranteed to get Bane from tutorial?

Compare him with Kenjiro and you´ll confirm that he is rare.

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I prefer my Bane medium rare, but each to their own. :+1:


Bane will be one of the 1st on the bench for everyone. Everybody has and use him.

5* will come later, it takes about a year to get some and max 3 or 4.

He’s a 3 star…and considerably easier to pull than any 4/5 stars. Rare = 3 star, epic = 4 star, legendary = 5 star.

5’s are very rare and not common for anyone except those that do a lot of summons every month or run various TC20

Rare is perhaps not the best term for a 3* hero, but this is not an unusual progression to show importance or value - Common, Uncommon, and then Rare - and to the best of my knowledge started with trading cards. Pokemon went with Ultra Rare and Secret Rare for those cards that were even harder and more valuable to obtain. I like the inclusion of Epic and Legendary which has been in use in multiple video games for years. Fortnite has a level below common, called handmade, two levels above Legendary; Mythic and Transcendent. Could there be 6 and 7-star heroes in our future? I, for one, hope not, although perhaps Mysterio could be considered Mythic given it’s 0.1% pull rate in only the Tavern of Legends.

Having said that, given that everyone started with a Bane, the term Rare is even more off-key for him.

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It’s just wording to classify the hero stars, not related to actual chances to get them. All 3* are “rare”, from Bane to Sudri.

It depends on progress of your game. Once you start with tutorial, Bane is the only rare hero have. And yes, he is rare. Once you start running TC13 or TC12, you shall have almost all the S1 heroes in couple of months. Then, common and uncommon heroes are just feeders. All season1 3 :star: are common heroes. Some can be uncommon, which you haven’t received yet. It can be even Greymane.
Currently I am running TC13 for about less than 2 months, I have got only 1 4 :star2: from here, so 4 :star2: are rare for me. I am making a run for TC20.

Once you are running TC 20, for 6 to 8 months, all 3 stars are feeders, you shall have most of the 4 :star2:, call them common, uncommon 4 :star2:, are the ones you don’t have​:joy:. 5 :star: heroes are very rare.

For non season1 heroes, Rare are still rare. Epic are still epic like Proteus and Wilbur. Legendary are… I shall just leave it here.

You’re extremely lucky players as 90% of the time I get 3* heros from all my TC20. Does anyone else have this type of luck?
I actually stopped trying. Keep up your good luck.

I were running 4 tc20 simultaneously… got a few of them but still some missing and got 2x horghall and obakan. 3 times wasted luck. For example.

It works but for sure takes time and patience.

Hi Gamora :wave:

I have good luck in TC20 (I have pulled close to 30 5* from TC20 over 2 years), but you have much better luck in the HOTM’s than I do :rofl:


To funny that was you. LOL. I only have pulled 1.
I had no idea I was writing to you you lucky bugger.

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