Rare Ascmat per day

In the following post, AM = non-farmable ascension materials

I read for the thousandth time a complaint about ascmat today, so I actually did the math to see how much AM I had gotten in total, per day. I have been playing for 15 months, and only ever bought 2 4* AM (using money to do so, I have purchased a few AM flash offers with gems won by playing the game).

To do so, I added all the non-farmable ascmat I had in store to the AM already used on my roster, and this is what I got:

Total 415
Compass 48
Gloves 43
Blades 56
Capes 35
Orbs 47
Tools 42
Shields 50
Total 3* 321
Damasc. 11
Tomes 16
Tonics 18
Rings 11
Darts 13
Tabards 13
Telesc. 12
Total 4* 94

So I received a total of 413 (415 minus the two I bought) AM over a period of 15 months.

413 / (365 * 1.25) = 0,905 AM per day, so 90.5% chance to get a non-farmable ascension material per day.

It can also be broken down into 321 / (365 * 1.25) = 0.704 3* AM per day, and 92 / (365 * 1.25) = 0.202 4* AM per day

In my case, I find a 78% chance of an AM won being 3*, and a 22% chance of it being 4*. This of course includes quests, events, etc., so it is not a reflection of the drop rate of chests or titans.

So overall, it would take me a little over 8 days to be able to ascend a 4* to tier 4 or a 5* to tier 3, and roughly 40 days to get to the final ascension of a 5*. So with the ideal loot repartition, it would take me roughly 43 days to complete a full 4* team, and 200 days to complete a full 5* team.

I would love to cross this with data from other players. If you know the approximate number of days you have been playing, and the number of non-purchased AM that you have collected in total, please share it.

If such a thread already exists, don’t hesitate to link to it / merge this thread with it.


Nice Job done @CragHack.

Thank you so much! I am also tired of the complains concerning AMs…

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