Rare Ascension Items in Shop (1x/mth, 4hrs only)

You want to get your 4/5* heroes ascended, right? The only option in the current game mechanics is to gather more ascension items.

Surely, this has been suggested before, but Why not use the existing shop and have ascension items appear for purchase for very limited time windows?

This gives you the opportunity to get that final Mystic Tonic and Damascus Blade, while giving SG another mechanism to encourage people to go into the shop. How is this not a thing yet?

They are available in the ascension packs. 1 or 2% chance of getting one.


Have you had any luck with those?

One time I got 2 tonics in a row. Most of the time I get nada lol.


Aren’t there already many limited offer that contains AM?

During the seasonal event, there are also daily offers which often contain AM.


The Featured Packs require you to “gamble” with gems.

There definitely are already some opportunities to purchase ascension items, but they are few and far between and rarely contain the 5* ascension items.

My proposal is that once a month there’s a market where you can buy 1 4/5* ascension item so you can pick specifically what you need. For example: I don’t need a telescope right now, but I’d kill for a set of Darts.

This is a very good idea, and I would not be surprised if it gets implemented in the future.

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Thanks, ZyzzyxRoad! Take care

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I will be…

Considering that the final level of Alchemy Lab need a 5* hero’s AM + 300 gems and a week time to complete but the result is random 5* hero’s AM, you don’t even have a choice…

Implementing such thing will only make the infamous Alchemy Lab obsolete. I think the odds of them fixing Alchemy Lab is better than giving monthly offer where you can buy AM of your choice.

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I don’t like it… There are already plenty of ways to get ascension items. Implementing such thing in shop, would only increase the gap between F2P and the others. Not to mention, SG would only lose money by doing this. No one would ever use the last level AL, no one would ever purchase those gambling offers in the shop. So this will never be implemented anyway. Besides, this game is based on RNG, not on buying certain heroes and items. Deal with it…

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The rarity of buyable AM is the key to maintin the gap between F2P and P2W from being too far.

P2W can have as many hero as they want, far more than F2P, but if the number of buyable AM is small, they still can’t get too far to the point that the gap is too much.

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It took just 23 days and portions of this great idea have been implemented with the “Choose Your Ascension” offer. @Footfungus :+1:

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Either they’re really listening. Or, this was already in the works. Given that I did pitch it, I made the purchase. Would have preferred it be cheaper and without the gems, but beggars can’t be choosers (well, actually I guess they can with this offer!).

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I just got a tonic for the first time. Bought 3, got Shield, Shield, Tonic. That’ll do.

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I agree it would be cleaner and probably would generate far more interest as a standalone offer, or paired with fewer gems, like in a tournament offer. But progress is progress, or it may just be coincidence, as you wondered.

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progress is progress

Couldn’t agree more :slight_smile:

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