Rare 8* Titan

Crystal Assassins got an 8* rare unicorn yesterday and killed it this morning. The new mechanics on a titan (color reflect and enemy debuff) definitely make it more of a challenge than a normal 8*

All of the alliance was very excited about the bonus chance at the scope, but has been devestated after defeating the titan. So far 13 people have reported loot an there has been 0 scopes.

I have no idea what the increased chance is supposed to be but it appears to not that good… not that I am surprised about that at all.


Thank you for the rare Titan report, but sorry the increased 4* loot didn’t work out better.

Please keep us updated once all members report their loot if you can… I’d like to think that at least one person would get one. At least !!!

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Yes I will update as I hear more… 0 of 14 as of now

We are now at 1 of 17.


Really cool to see that it is an additional roll to what we normally get.
Just like a HOTM :slight_smile:


I hope they drop these 4* items on any loot tier to give everyone the chance to get it. Hopefully even more than one person, now that would be cool…


I Like that. Hope top see a rare Titan soon.

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Yeah the true bonus roll is nice… I just wish we had a better understanding of the true odds… But I say that about a lot of things in this game.

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If it turns out only 1 of alliance gets it this is just ■■■■…

1 member could get that also on normal titan. i thought rare titans with “bonus chance” would increase that by several times.

Well the chance of the bonus is supposed to be influenced by the # of stars on the titan, but yes overall we were expecting more scopes

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There are a lot of “supposed to be’s” in this game as I know you are well aware of.

I gave up on trying to figure it out. I’ll just throw the dart at the board and hope for a bullseye (I suck at darts)

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The only other rare titan I’ve seen go down was a 14* which gave 6 scopes. It appears that SG was as stingy as usual in giving out loot even against them most difficult titans.


even in our alliance no one had the special prize, indeed, smaller premiums than other titans

we beat a 12* rare unicorn and think 3-4/30 got a scope.

It’s been over a month since the update was introduced and our alliance is yet to see one

They can shove these titans back where they came from

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We downed a 9* unicorn today, and of 8,2 got telescope, and others got other 3* and 4* ascension items

We actually got our 2nd rare one yesterday. The rooster dragon or whatever it’s called. Only 3 out of 29 reported getting the bonus tonic.

I opened a support case and was told rare titans spawning is an issue they’re fixing for v1.13.

I haven’t seen one either.

Im currently battling our 5* rare titan and Im wondering if I should waste the flasks on it if the chance of getting the scope is random? For those who have defeated theirs, did the top hitter get a scope? I need one more scope to finish leveling Alasie but I dont want to waste the flasks to be the top player if there is no guarantee to get it.