Ranvir's special incorrectly causing tiles to miss!

Hello everyone! I noticed this a couple of days ago but haven’t had a chance to get pics of it until now. Ranvir’s special was active, my whole team had more health than the Titan as far as a percentage of full HP, yet tiles were still missing instead of hitting, which is not the way it’s supposed to be. Right now, his special is basically the same as Wu Kong’s.
In the first picture, you can see the “miss” tiles, but the fireball covers up Musashi. The 2nd picture taken a few seconds later shows Musashi’s HP being full. I didn’t take a healer and have the same # of battle items in both, minus 1 Bomb attack. The 3rd picture is of the hero’s full HP with the same troops as the first picture, for reference purposes.

Can we please have this looked into? Because Ranvir’s special is definitely not working correctly, unless I’m mistaken about his special being based off of what percentage of full HP of the targets and heros have. If it’s based on the actual number of Health Points, which would be rather redundant in my opinion, then that needs to be clarified better in his Special Attack description.
Thank you for your time!

His miss chance isn’t tied to HP% but HP’s value.

Your heroes’ HP were lower than the titans’ HP and so they could miss.


You did not understand it correctly. As a FraVit93 wrote. It is depend on amount of health not percentage. Anyway if your heroes have more health than target then Ranvir’s whole special skill not working. Not only miss but include also his +attack.

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If that’s the case, his special would always have the chance to make tiles miss. His special state’s “only applies when the target has more health than the attacker”. So it’s supposed to mean the actual number, like 730 for a hero or 970,455 for a Titan? I don’t think that’s what they meant…

Yes that’s exactly what they mean.

Not always but only if hero has less hp than opponent. Titan usually has more hp but Ranvir can be used in raids, wars and so on.


Yeah, forgot to mention that part of it, so thank you :slight_smile:

A Titan will ALWAYS have more HP, except for the extremely rare occasions where the Titan is almost defeated and only has a few hundred HP left. And if this actually is how they intended house special to be, it really needs to be clarified in his special description to read that it’s the number of HP. “More health” is way too open to interpretation.

It would be great if this could be clarified by one of the Dev’s, because both of us are reading it in a different way, which doesn’t help to answer the original question…

I find it very clear “only applies when the enemy has more health then the attacker”. You are trying to infer it is vs total health and fact of the matter is that Titan is proving it is just health.


I disagree “more health” could be interpreted in different ways. More means more. If I have 50% whisky left in my 1L bottle and you have 75% whisky left in your 0.5L bottle, which one of us has more whisky?


Exactly! That’s my point exactly. One way, his special’s attack boost and miss chance would apply to Titans after a couple people have hit it and as long as you keep your team’s HP full. The other way, it would basically always apply to Titans regardless of your team’s HP.

The point of my original question is which one is it?

This is the one that applies up to the point the Titan’s health is really low and so lower than your heroes (at which point the rest of your team will likely finish it off anyway without the buff)

Ranvir was primarily designed to be a Titan killer hero like Wu Kong. It is raids that his special may or may not apply. On raid offence that means your heroes can safely use offensive specials against any enemy with lower health than they do without missing.


This one. It’s how Ranvir worked in beta and works in game from the very beginning.

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English is not my native language but I understand clearly that “more health” is not “more health percentage”.

As you said that it need to be clarified in the description, I’d like to know what do you think will be a good sentence to make it clearer?


As multiple people have said, you are mistaken about it being based on percentage. There isn’t a bug here.

Health is measured as a total number of health points, not as a percentage of the possible available. Unless that total number is lower for the target than for the attacker, an attack under Ranvir’s buff will have a chance to miss, but will have its power boosted.

Remember that Ranvir can be used in all kinds of fights, not just on titans. It is very common in PvP for the target to have less health than its attacker.


I appreciate everyone’s input on this, and I guess I just think his special would work better if applied in a different way than the current one and because of that, I read “more health” differently than they implied. So thanks to everyone! :slight_smile:


If you have an 8 oz glass full of beer and I have a 20oz mug 1/2 half full of beer, who has more beer? Yours is full but I still have more don’t overthink it. More health is more health capacity doesn’t matter


I think O.P. is at peace with the answer now even if they would prefer it work differently :slight_smile:


That is correct, and thanks again for responding, everyone! :slight_smile:


You know, for some reason it just dawned on me, but the way his special works is in direct correlation with his stats. I wondered why he had such a low HP for an HotM, but him having a lower base HP enables his special attack to apply more frequently in raids even if the opposing team’s heros have taken a little bit of damage. It makes sense, considering it’s the actual number for HP that matters with his special. I apologize for thinking his special wasn’t working correctly, just got tunnel vision and couldn’t grasp the big picture, I guess! :rofl: :smile:


It’s a safety feature in raids. With Wu Kong, you can miss killing blows with tiles or specials on weak enemies, which can totally swing thr fight against you. Here, as long as you have decent HP left, the early shots hit hard but may miss, and the late shots hit softer but are reliable.

It makes him a much more viable PvP hero.

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