Ranvir vs Alpha Gryphon

Just looking for an explanation. We have only a 9* yellow Alpha Gryphon with darts bonus. Easy kill and I have Ranvir (emblemed 20) and 4 purples. My first attack was an easy 54k with no materials. All other attacks have been less because Ranvir keeps melting away. I assume this is because I invite hits from the AG against my Ursena and my defense lowers but none of my purples melt away and I use Kunchen for status effects (that includes the - 42% defense right?). I know I also get a defense boost only for purple but I still can’t see Ranvir melting away just on unseen tile damage. An alliance member said this this happening to him as well so he switched to Wu Kong. Any comments, explanations?

The alpha gryphon, like other rare titans actually reflects damage from its color (in this case yellow).

Thus, all the tiles you use to charge Ranvir will damage him instead of the titan. And when he fires his special, the damage is also reflected back at Ranvir.


The experience you have is nicely explained by @IgH. Certain rare titans reflect. And their reflect is too painful, even for sturdy heroes fully emblemed. Next time you encounter the rare yellow titans that reflect, avoid using yellow heroes like Ranvir, Wu Kong or Guardian Gazelle as damage booster. Use Miki or Tarlak instead, if available.

You need to use different color like tarlak, miki or use scroll to revive him.

While I have an extensive team, no Miki or Tarlak. It helps to use Wu a little bit because there is no special damage reflected I guess but it does seem to be tile damage that is killing him. Thanks for the input. Even after many years in the game, I have to admit that I either didn’t know or had forgotten about rare titans reflecting. Seems worth putting a reminder of this in the special skills area IMHO. Oh and thanks for the scroll mention since I have about 2000 of those, I could spare a few.

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