Ranvir/ reflect bug

I raided a defense lineup which included Ranvir. After his buff was active, I fired Mitsuko to put up her blue reflect buff since defender’s Alasie was near full mana. Alasie fired and the ‘miss’ signal appeared on her (plausible, given Ranvir’s buff was active). However, her damage did not reflect (it nearly killed my offense Zimkitha) but her mana slow ailment did reflect. Not sure what exactly is not working correctly but something is bugged if her damage still hit Zim. Seems that if her shot was a miss then neither Zim nor Alasie should have taken damage.

Unfortunately I wasn’t videoing but I have a screenshot immediately following. Prior to the hit, my (offense) Zim was at nearly full hp. You can see that Alasie has not taken damage.

I looked your opponent up and noticed that his Alasie has a +4 talent. Her talent gives her a chance to bypass defensive buffs when attacking.

You noted that 1. A ‘miss’ notification appeared on the screen. 2. Alasie mana reduction ailment was reflected. And 3. Alasies damage was applied to Zim. This sounds like Alasies talent triggered allowing her damage to bypass Mits blue reflect buff (causing the damage), but her mana slow special was not applied due to Ranvir (shown by the miss notification).

This scenario works with the buffs and talents available in your battle. This sounds like it’s working as designed unless I’m missing something.


With the additional comment that the mana slow which would have applied to Kage did not miss, but was instead reflected.

Looks right to me :slight_smile:


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