Ranvir - Rana - Poseidon or Vivica dilemma

Hi, I finally got to the point when I started working on my 5* heroes and I have a few to choose from.

In my current lineup I could use a yellow healer, but is Viv’s slow mana a hindrance?

I like the idea of fast mana sniper Poseidon (would he pair well w/Jackal?)

Ranvir seems a 5* brother to Wu (which I got late in the game and have not leveled). I know ppl rave about Wu - could max him first since it’s much easier. Is he really that good? Would Ranvir be that in 5*?

And then there’s Rana - really don’t know much about her or faced her.

TIA for your thoughts!

My yellows

Defense team

Mostly used attack team

i lean for Poseidon , Sniper with good def stats , he could be your Fast Mana tank

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If you need healing, then go with Vivica. Her heal is slow, yes, but I honestly think that complaint is overblown most of the time. I use Kunchen as my primary healer and I don’t notice much of difference in terms of having enough time to build his special before anyone dies as compared to when I was using an average Mana healer. She’s tanky enough to live until her heal is ready, too, at least in Platinum and low Diamond. Healers are useful in every situation, whether it be Titans, raiding, AW, events, etc, so she’d be the most versatile option.

Poseidon is good in most situations too, and there are a dearth of holy snipers (especially outside of 5*), so he’d be a great investment if you are ok on healers in general.

Rana is one of the better heroes on attack in the game, in my opinion. This is especially true in AW with field aid, where she can block the heals to 3 heroes. Her special is devastating in the right situation. It’s not as good when the game’s AI is using it and she’s not as effective in general in most events or stages where monsters can’t heal. She also isn’t very effective against Titans.

Ranvir is a useful hero, but since you have Wu, you should level him for now and save your darts for one of the other 3 heroes.

Just as a side note, Hansel is awesome and one of my favorite 4* heroes in the entire game, but he probably shouldn’t be your tank. Vivica could be if you max her, but I’d suggest using Rigard or Gormek in that spot until you level someone else to take over.


Even with Ranvir I would still max Wu Kong first, because he’s allowed in Epic & Legendary Challenge events where he can greatly help, and Ranvir is only allowed in Legendary (he greatly helps too though).

You don’t have to go for high scores either; you can never have enough emblems, and they also come with ascension mats just for clearing these rarities. They’re once a month so I’d say Wu is worth doing before Ranvir myself.



Personally, if I had Ranvir I would off color, 1 day , power level Ranvir ( ditto for Tarlak ).

So power level 4* Wu Kong then power level 5* Ranvir.

Defense team

No attack all enemy heroes on your defense team, so Wu Kong and Ranvir will not works.

Jackal ( glass cannon) and Li Xiu ( mana reduction and attack all enemies) better for defense.

3* ascension items

Since I have neither Ranvir, or Tarlak, I decided 5* 4.80 heroes can fluff it and I am leveling multiple 5* 3.70 heroes.

In that case Ranvir is not as good as Wu King 4* 4.70 because Ranvir 5* 3.70 cannot be used for Epic tier of Challenge events but Wu Kong can be used for Epic and Legendary.


4* 4.70
Wu Kong

5* 3.70
Vivica ( no yellow 4* healer)
Poseidon ( yellow sniper and status lock )
Ranvir ( fast mana Wu Kong and purple defense buff )
Justice ( buffed blindness)

3* 3.50
Melia ( fast mana attack all enemies for farming 1.7-4 to fill Wanted monster mission chest).


Thank you - wow!

I’m testing out who does better in defense/offense in the tank role. Had Gormek there for ages since he was my ver first 4*. Now leveling Grimm, but I want to keep Kiril and feel rainbow is probably better for defense at this point (solid Platinum at this point). I seem to loose approximately same amount with either Gormek or Hansel. Have not tried Rigard for tanking. Thanks!

I’m leveling Queen of Hearts so perhaps she can replace Gormek in tank. So many good choices so few resources and very little patience :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I don’t regret leveling my posiden. My viv is at 1/4 and onatel and Joon are 3/70. May move ranvir next though. Good luck

I’m sneaking in here as I have a similar dilemma to OP. @Gryphonknight; would you still max Ranvir if you had Tarlak? Other yellow options being Vivica, Leo, Inari and Justice - with the chance of Drake next Atlantis. Poseidon already maxed.

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I am all about the math ( see long answer ).

Short answer

Vivica versus Tarlak

Depending on your healer situation, Vivica is a better healer than Tarlak ( and Ranvir ).

Ranvir versus Tarlak

Ranvir is better utility hero than Tarlak, with a bonus single target attack.

Ranvir works better with special skill that attack all. Worse with special skills that are single target or target and nearby. This is a change, snipers missing used to only use 50% mana.

Ranvir is strong versus purple enemies and gets protection from purple tile and protection from purple tinted attacks.


Tarlak works better with single target, or target, and nearby special skills.

Tarlak causes less dents in your walls from throwing your phone.

Tarlak is strong versus blue enemies.


So I would level Ranvir then Tarlak, I like both a lot especially since they are different colors ( looking at you Mother North, Alberich, Zeline and Tarlak ). The only one I would not level is the rumored Miki. Slow AND HP dependent attack buff?! no thanks.

Long answer

Click for long answer


Ranvir has a single target attack, while Tarlak has a very minor Heal Over Time and Wu Kong has nothing. This is more advantageous with titans, war attack, or defense team, but it is still nice when farming, class quests or rare quests. Especially the Druid class quests.


Gambler’s Stance/ Mystic’s Virtue lasts 5 turns versus Martial Prowess 4 turns.


( [Math] Gambler's Stance and Martial Prowess ( and Mystic's Virtue )- Update with Zimkitha and Mother North )



Superb, thank you so much! My healer situation is stable, maxed Kunch + all the 4* ones.

Ranvir will get the darts then!

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