Ranvir or Justice

Which would you work on to level up

It depends on what you plan to use them for.

Justice is a decent tank in the diamond arena. She doesn’t hit hard but her blind is awfully annoying if you don’t have a cleanser.

Ranvir to me is a titan hero.

I don’t have either and have only faced Justice in raids. I just don’t know if I’d use Ranvir for anything other than titans even though he does damage too.

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Have only been playing for 2 1/2 months, have no clue what diamond arena or cleanser is

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Diamond is the upper raid arena.

A cleanser is a hero that heals your team of negative status effects.

I would probably suggest Justice at your point. Ranvir you will want to level but probably later. I think Justice will benefit you more now.

That being said, early on it is often better to work on 4* to deepen your roster. 5* take quite a bit of time and materials to level up. Do you have any other yellow?

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in 2 and a half months 2 really good yellow 5*. Good for you. I would go with Ranvir and then justice.

But rigard is natural enemies and purple cleanser

Work on rares and epics first to stay competitive in your range.

Then I’d recommend Ranvir over Justice to improve your titan hits to get better rewards like more ascension mats.

In your range Justice is also nice at 2.60 and Ranvir at 3.70. So I would give my orbs and a compass to Ranvir first.


This is true but at the point the OP is at he can’t focus on strong color/weak color things. This happens once you have a decent sized roster.

Not everyone where he is at will have Rigard.

I do have Riguard not sure how to post my hero’s

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You can take a screenshot from your phone. I email them to myself and post them.

Rigard is very good and he should get leveled quickly. I still use him quite often.

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What? I just open my gallery, crop and/or shrink my screenies and upload them to the board afterwards.


I should start doing that but I am always at a PC for work.

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for Yellow you might as well finish Chao. Then maybe Li to be honest.

Finish Tiburtus then Rigard for purple.

Boril Grimm Kiril for blue

Caedmon for Green

Boldie and Kelile for Red

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Okay, cool @Doklh :slightly_smiling_face:

Work on your epics first and collect ascension things to ascend your legends after you have a rainbow of maxed epics.

Wu is little Ranvir. Do him first.

Boldtusk, Rigard, Grimm, Kiril and Melendor are very helpful.

Cyprian, Boril, Sonya, Li and Caedmon afterwards.

Then go for your first legendary rainbow and try to build a 30 hero war roster with color and special variety.

Thank you for the advice

one thing immediately stands out. You are all over the place with upgrades. Make a decision on your first 4* team and finish that first. Then move to 5* to 3/70.
Melendor is nice hero and since you have a lot of good greens Kash seems like a waste of time in my eyes.


So basically level my 4* before I attempt the 5*


yup 4* team first then 5* then 4* and so on and so on. Pretty much drop rate of ascension materials will direct you later on.

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@Olmor always gives great advice as well. He went into a bit more detail. But at the end of the day getting your epic heros advanced before legendary is the way to go. This will help you get those dreaded materials for those legendary heros.

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Exactly this.
They are way cheaper to max and will compete until you have 30 maxed legendaries, which will be a very long-term goal of say 3 to 5 years… if ever.