Ranvir – New June 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

I will try to make few videos in the future using Ravir and Wukong

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Для начала хочется, что бы разработчики изменили специальные навыки 5*ранвира, им играть не возможно, сплошные промахи. Зачем делать такого героя, который только вредит?

Moderator-supplied translation:
To begin with, I want the developers to change the special skills of the 5 * ranvir, it is not possible for them to play, there are continuous mistakes. Why make such a hero who only hurts?

Friendly reminder that English is the official language of these forums. (Not Finnish, mercifully!)

I assume by “continuous mistakes” you’re referring to the 35% chance for an attack to miss. That’s the price we pay for having the other 65% hit very hard, indeed. On average, damage from all attacks is approximately doubled.

The difficulty is that often we don’t care about average damage but instead about a particular attack landing. Azlar is about to fire, you aim Merlin at him but, wah wah Ranvir’s magic makes you miss. So sorry, your team is now burnt to a crisp.

By now most of us have gotten used to–or at least grown accustomed to–this trade-off, because it’s so similar to Wu Kong’s special. Ranvir is better because the special only applies when the target has more health than Ranvir. So if you’re trying to get that last tile dropped to kill a foe, you know that the tile will do normal damage, with no chance to miss.


Just some clarification on some of this that could be misunderstood … Ranvirs special applies on a case by case (hero to hero) and tile by tile basis (in a 3 match, if stacking, you could have two heroes tiles with higher health but one hero with lower health then the target).


Но 35%промаха это очень много, надо снизить хотя бы до 20%

Moderator-provided translation:
But 35% of a miss is a lot, it is necessary to reduce at least to 20%

Trying to understand correctly.
MV is calculated with every attack (either special or tile dmg). Like, each time you attck, it checks if HP is higher or lower and adjust the tile dmg accordingly?
If enemy HP is higher, than MV is « on » and misses can occur
If enemy HP is lower, no changes to dmg ?
Is that why, when MV’s effect is on, so the dice are on the hero’s face, there is no added attack stats, because it is calculated individually with every attack?

Thanks for the answers, as i can’t truly figure out how MV’s working

Sounds like you have it right, and yes, I’d assume the reason it isn’t listed is because of how many checks it has to do and since the AI doesn’t know what enemy you plan to hit prior to hitting them. It can come across as confusing for sure, but I think Ranvir is a fantastic hero and not only for titans… just takes some getting used to.


Thanks. Couldn’t figure out how exactly it was calculated.
Makes perfect sense now.

Specials are really pretty straight forward, the biggest confusion comes in color stacks where you can’t always be certain who’s tile damage is being used (you can kind of tell, if you have different troops on them), but because of how many checks are done, I find him to be far less frustrating then wu ever was. Just my opinion of course.

Like you, I’d happily accept a Ranvir with a 20% miss rate, even if that meant a proportional cut in the attack boost. But Ranvir is, by design, a high-risk, high-reward choice. He can rescue an impossible situation. Unlike his junior, Wu Kong, though, he doesn’t cause a loss in an otherwise “can’t lose” situation.


His immediate impact on the board through his 350-400 direct damage at fast speed is another significant advantage

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Not to mention with 4 or 5 emblem tiers he’s got 800 attack and defence. That significant tile damage

He is definitely great mine is not maxed yet but have gotten better scores on yellow stack than my green stack with max tarlak on titans,

And I love him for wars and raids

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Nobody is using Finnish here. Too bad, cause it is my superpower. I even don’t have problems with Russian.

Ranvir is great though. I don’t have problems when his accuracy, if I miss this hit, next one is devastating.

My Ranvir Is at 40/4. Im really excited with him, is my dream come true!! Definetly is my favorite heroe over Joon, Tarlak, Inari, vivica, chakal, Boldtusk, Wilbur, Alasie, Gravemaker, Lianna, but not over kunchen… Jajaja, really. (Have all That heroes) and others than no mention here. Really im very happy with his sturdier talent!! Apologize me by my bad english…

I agree with the general sentiment here – Ranvir is a top-tier 5*. If I could design a 5* Wu Kong from scratch, I think it would look a lot like Ranvir. I keep saying to myself, “I’m going to stop summoning new heroes; I have quite enough, thanks.” And then SGG entices me into another summons with heroes like Ranvir and Seshat.


Hi @Kerridoc !! I’m curious to know what your ideal design of a 5* Wu Kong would look like! How would that be???

I have him at 2-44 special at 6… so no far not the greates experience… but i think thiings will get better… do you think i should give him darts before ascending guinevere? is he good also on defense? or (just) titan, offense, war, map, events ?

@Kamikazze It’s hard designing a new Ranvir having seen this one. I probably wouldn’t have thought to add direct damage or poison resist, both of which I really like. I probably would have set a lower miss rate than Wu, more like 30%, and added “all enemies get -34% for 4 turns” (same as Zeline). Knocking down a titan’s attack is far more useful than doing some direct damage.

@Hermann 2/44 is far to soon to judge a 5* hero. Play with him at 3/70 and see what you think.

How to prioritize him depends a lot on your circumstances. Guinevere is a great tank. If your alliance runs yellow tanks, she should be your priority. If they don’t, I’d go with Ranvir, who will make a bigger difference on titans than Guinevere will in raids—provided your able to hold enough trophies overnight to raid up to diamond tier. Raid defense is greatly overrated. Ranvir is also great on offense; Guin, not so much.


@Kerridoc: thanks for your advice. My defense is strong enough to hold me in diamond (or above 2300 to quickly get in again…). I manage to open my hero chest in diamond everytiime. In the alliance we use purple. So Ranvir is the way to go then… (don’t have wu but Tarlak i got recently as well). Do you have experience with Ranvir on the efense team? i read several times that people said wu should not be used on defense… what do you think about using ranvir on defense?

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