Ranvir – New June 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

No psytrance horseman for me.


Ranvir does look like a Goa trance type of Centaur indeed. I’d say the lack of accuracy is due to high potent shrooms ingested :smile:


20 Boom shankar shivas

Just some ridiculous bragging

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Lol! Someone that does the exact same routine finally! Very few uses BT and wilbur together with Wu, and I find it devastating

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Has anyone used Ranvir against Ursena final boss? Was that effective? If Ranvir fires at Ursena and special attack is reflected, does the dark defense boost reduce the reflected damage?

I didn’t try but defense usually doesn’t affect counterattack or reflection. So my guess is no.

Also- why is Ranvir affected by poison mist stages if he is immune to poison? Seems like he should not be affected.

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Yes it’s a known issue. It’s been already reported and devs will fix it.


Ok. Another question since he’s theoretically my best hero - how does is his special calculate if health is higher or lower if two heroes of the same color are used? Say one is higher in health and one is lower than the enemy?

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they are treated individually

-> -> -> … ->

Thanks for putting detail in this Boolz. And congrats on getting far in the raid tourney! I played around with this for a while and believe I get what is happening and I think my question is better as an example:

If Mystic Virtue is active and one of your Tibertusses was at full health (say, 1000 for convenience) instead of dead, and the other is at 10 health. Purple tiles go into an enemy with 500 health. This is a somewhat difficult scenario to repeatedly setup but my experience is that I will have some misses in this case but damage does not seem boosted. I think this is applying Mystic virtue on a tile-by-tile basis and I’m getting the short straw on the times i’ve seen it (the tiles assigned to Tibs with 1000 health doing normal damage and the Tibs with low health always missing via RNG.) but- this extra level of randomness is really frustrating - when i send tiles I want to know how much of a chance I’m taking in missing (for instance when sending three tiles at a healer ready to fire) and while I can do that with Mystic Virtue on a rainbow team, or anytime with Gambler’s Chance- I can’t when color stacked with Mystic Virtue.

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with or without ranvir buff, same tile color applies as follows:

x = number of heroes, meaning troops.
when you hit with a tile, RNG comes into play which troops (of which hero) will hit.
this means that you have 100/x % chances for the troops you want to hit will hit.

so, in the given scenario, 100/2 = 50% chances to hit with the troops of

  • tiburtus with 10hp (ranvir buff damage and miss “chance”)
  • tiburtus with 1000hp (normal tile damage)


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When you match tiles, if you look carefully each tile changes into a troop before rushing at the enemy. The troop is chosen at random, from all heroes of that color. This effect is more obvious if you use different troops on each hero. But for Ranvir, whether HP is above or below the opponent’s for purpose of bonus damage is relative to who that troop belongs to

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My current experience on titans with Ravir are bad. Although he has the attack dmg the overall score is below avg of what I am used to have with Wukong. My yellow team is Vivica, Jackal, 2x Joon and Ravir (3/70) or Wukong. Using Mana portion and tornados (when avlb) created a final damage of over 200k on purple titans with Wukong. With Ravir last 2 titans I was not able to get more of 130k. Is the issue that I dint have him max? I don’t see any real reason to spend my darts on him when he’s below Wukong on final score.

Is his Special Skill maxed at least? His accuracy debuff is astronomically higher before he hits 8/8.

His Attack stat will also be lower than Wu Kong’s until he’s well leveled, which will reduce damage on purple Titans in particular. Have you compared his current Attack stat to Wu’s?

@zephyr1 He’s skill is maxed but I dint compared thr detailed damage/tile. I was just wondering because I used to have +200k dmg on purple titans and now I am far below.

That actually would be useful, to rule out board RNG.

If you happen to have video of a recent Titan hit with Wu, you could record a new one and compare. Otherwise you could try doing a few hits with each of them on video and compare.

I’d be very curious to see if the per tile damage is notably different.

Ouch. Ranvir was probably a poor titan hero for your roster.

Because yellow tends towards glass cannons (Jackal, Joon, Wu Kong, and low/HP Ranvir) even with Wu Kong you have run into the attack stat soft cap. Ranvir will not help you with this team as much as with a rainbow team or a double yellow team.

Your lower Ranvir damage is likely RNG. Both Gambler’s Stance and Mystic’s Virtue can give you amazingly high scores, and amazingly low scores. You have had Wu Kong longer, so more chances for high scores.

With your high battle item use, Wu Kong at 4* 4.70 is probably durable enough with Vivica. Ranvir’s mana speed advantage is lost because mana items do not care about mana speed. Druid class does not help against titans since thorn minions are so fragile. Resist poison is not helpful because antidotes/ Panacea/ Vivica. Protection from purple is less help with Vivica’s defense buff and because Titans have purple tinted attacks not purple tile/ matching damage.

If you are only leveling Ranvir for titans, I would not use 4* ascension items on Ranvir.

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