Ranvir – New June 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

It’s both parts :slight_smile:

If the enemy HP is less than your hero HP, that entire line is not applied.

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Thank you. He could have been useful in any case if his Health was higher… Anyway hope SG makes some adjustments in the near future… hopefully…

I think the indian reverse Bojack Horseman is underrated for pvp, I play 4-1 with the 1 being Ranvir, First fire the monochrome specials, then Ranvir and let the tiles fly. This melts teams several thousand points stronger than me. Also When losing after he fires the first punch he becomes THE STRONGEST SNIPER IN THE GAME as long as you can reload him within 5 turns (this is often the case when it’s down to the last couple heroes on both sides and there’s room to ghost.

He does miss but when it’s down to the last two heroes standing he goes beast mode and has single handedly won me many fights when he fires back to back lol

My Ranvir+6 second punch:
798 attack x265 x195%= 4,187

Attack 744x 512%= 3,809

If only he could do it in one go but still pretty cool for a titan specialist (for those that accuse him of one trick pony) after using him a lot in offense I thought I should share


Bit of a necro to this thread, but I appreciate your comment.

As others have said: high risk, high reward. Most people remember the risk (missing!) because its so frustrating.

But the reward (+195% damage!) is nothing to sniff at. I’ve been playing with different offensive stacks for Ranvir, and find that when I bring 3 colors, the tiles pack a wallop. He’s actually pretty good for that 6th war flag, when I’m counting on tiles. Missing is frustrating, but damage amplification wins matches!

Thanks for calculating the numbers in your comment! The holy horseman is underrated.

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Sadly, Wu and Ranvir are collecting dust now, relics of early development now that they just make stunning titans impossible. I don’t even use them in war. Sad…

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People keep talking about Ranvir missing like Wu does…Ranvir doesn’t miss does he? …it’s not on his card.

BIG QUESTION: does the -35% accuracy only apply to the +195% dmg increase or does it apply to the entire special skill? For example, Ranvir’s special goes off. Then Drake’s is ready next turn. You touch him off and he fires. Does the -35% accuracy apply only to the increased dmg or to Drake’s entire dmg…270% + 195%?

@Guvnor @zephyr1 @Yayo

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean.

Here’s Wu:

Here’s Ranvir:

They both cause accuracy debuffs, and Ranvir’s chance for a miss is actually slightly higher than Wu’s.

The debuff applies entirely or not at all, depending on the HP comparison.

So you either get the attack buff AND the accuracy debuff, or you get neither.

And any miss is a total miss — so you can fully miss a tile or Special Skill, just like with Wu. You don’t get partial damage and only miss on the attack buff portion. It’s exactly like have a Blind status ailment.

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Wu’s card states “Chance to miss also applies to offensive special skills.” Ranvir’s card says nothing about missing only reduced accuracy.

It’s true, Ranvir doesn’t have the explicit second statement — but he causes misses as well.

Reduced accuracy is the same as Blind.

Here are a couple posts where that’s been addressed before in this thread:


Status affect blind: What is blind?

Blind is a status ailment, which is the result of a hero or enemy having a Special Skill that reduces accuracy:

Some heroes who cast it include Bane, Hu Tao, Danzaburo (for the Swords trick), Joon, Justice, Drake Fong, and Neith.


I remember soylent green! LMAO :joy:

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Hi all. Does Ranvir special apply to both tiles and specials? I always feel that the tiles is there but see no difference in specials? Also, does his text on enemy having more health mean his miss applies only or his attack up as well?

To both, +195% attack applies to both normal and special attacks

Thanks tidy-up. So it means that on a titan where they have higher hp both the attack and the blind will apply?

Yup, as long as the titan’s health is higher, ranvir’s skill will kick in

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