Ranvir – New June 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

Neither with Wu nor with Tarlak nor any other hyper attack fellows…

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I dont have any Yellow hero 5*. I hope to take him after Margaret, Kunchen and Anzogh. But Ive the feeling that i Will not take it.

@Petri @zephyr1 the german translation missiong the word “accuracy” after the - 35% what lets it look like no consequences. It reads as you get less atk percentage on different heath stats from the enemy

Needs to be corrected


His special of damage still works. And if you have 2 heros above the enemi those 2 still can,beat him with the special. In 5 rounds too many things can happen. Ex. Azlar…

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For those who tested him in beta, how do you find him for raiding? Is he good?

Hi everyone,

Would love to have a screenshot of Ranvir with his status effect active for this page: 📑 Status Effects - Buffs and Ailments

Thank you! :slight_smile:

EDIT: It is done :slight_smile: thanks everyone!


Slow down…


Has anybody tested his Special against Titans? Kage is set to always be the lower amount(below 50%) against Titans which has me wondering if Ranvir is coded to always be less health than the Titan

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Congratulations… What a fantastic summon :smile:
Oops… Totally off topic… (Apologies)
Back to the OP.

[Reaction] Ranvir- yellow 5* version of Wu Kong

From a very good friend:

Mystic’s Virtue versus Martial Prowess

Mystic’s Virtue is very similar to Gambler’s Stance ( see below quotes )

  • Will he make you main team?

I wish @zephyr1! Spent most of my saved tokens for the Sand Empire right after I saw that card! But, as usual, I got Renfeld, Prisca, LJ and no love from RNG

  • Will you use him on Defense? Offense?
    Quests/Events? Titans?

I’d use him on offense, especially against Titans, against poison enemies and just to have a Centaur card

  • Will you give Ranvir Druid emblems? Which Talent Grid path will you choose?

If I had him, I’d go HP

  • What do you think of his special?

Wu + that hit.

  • What do you think of his character design?

I love it since the day I laid eyes on him! Can we get more Centaurs from all over and maybe a Ranger Centaur, for all of us Sagittarius?


yeah definitely want another centaur a fire one especially :slight_smile:


@Matt-GoRinNoSho are you sure? Just tested with John and Skittleskull. No additional damage, no misses under horse’s skill.

Do you guys really think he’d work well in raid defense? I may be wrong but missed special sound like a huge disadvantage.
Tile damage is a different thing. There will be some hits and misses but after decent number of tiles overall damage should be better.
But missing specials is a different story as you fire only a couple of times during fight.
Sure Ranvir will be great against titans but with my limited budget, I’ll probably hold my EHTs for the July part of Sand Empire.


Probably as a wing he’d be decent. You could make it so he fires his skill last on the right wing and that way any skills fired before wouldn’t miss.

However it’s still high risk. After he fires he can get countered by blindness ailment from Joon, Justice or Hu Tao. The accuracy ailment stacks with his accuracy drop from his buff, that’s over 65% chance to miss if you blind him, one of his teammates or his entire team.

Personally I’d stick to offense with him.


A female fire ranger Centaur :heart:


I read this as that only applies to the - accuracy.

thats my issue…my titan teams are almost always near full health so his bonus would rarely kick in, on top of that once titan is below 50%, bonus will almost NEVER kick in. First HOTM in a LONG time that i am not pulling for on first day.

That was my question too. If he’s coded like Kage, his Special would never take effect against Titans!

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