Ranvir – New June 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

It’s just a joke but yeah my wu is sitting at 4:22 now. The moment I pulled Ran, Wu is obsolete and sadly can only really fit into wars and AW once I train Ran into a respectable level. I don’t even use Wu much in wars too.

And now I pulled hom in a 10 pulls…had started inari and don’t know what to do now :frowning:

I saw in another thread that you already have Tarlak maxed, so if it were me, I’d continue on Inari first.

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Well i think you should switch to Ranvir. he’s a strong choice against 8*+ titans. And is fast mana. An upgraded version of wukong

Too many posts to read above so I apologize if this is a repeat. Ranvir in a raid or quest behaves oddly, at least to my mind. The HP check to see if Ranvir’s buff is “on” or “off” is done per target for each attacker. It applies to SS and tile damage, and gets confusing in practice. If you’re the type who plans their shots, Ranvir’s buff is one hellava curve ball.

Here’s a screen cap showing the possible outcomes when firing into a group of partially damaged targets.

Farming with Ranvir and AoE hitters.


I don’t think that figuring out whether or not the ability will be active seems a herculean feat while going rainbow. I’m more curious exactly how it works with tiles while color stacking. I assume that it will be based on whose troop it assigns to the tile in question, but have yet to see confirmation one way or the other.


Same rules apply and the troops used in the tile damage are assigned at random.


So the HP check iw based on the HP of the troop owner, then?

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Kkkkkk. It’s alway 1.3 % chance of getting him. Even if you didn’t get him in 1000 pulls

This is how it’s been working for me in a 3/2 stack.

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I think Sartana, Victor, Kage, Kunch work pretty well with Sharky Von Own-Goal-ar

I had forgotten about the direct hit. That said, titans tend to die by tiles and Ranvir makes that happen faster…

Wu Kong used special skill

Ranvir used special skill

where they are extra%. sorry I dont speak English.I have same problems in raids

The wolf has lower HP than your heroes, so the attack increase doesn’t apply. It’s only active when the defending enemy has more HP left than the attacker.

Thank you

And Now .i have lower Hp and i have nothing +Attack

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Oh that’s a weird way to display the stats - it’s showing the attack down debuff on your attack stat, but is not showing Ranvir’s attack up incorporated.

Compare to Wu:

This may be working as intended, because the attack increase is applied at the moment an enemy defender is hit with tiles or a special. So conditional stat increases don’t show in the stat summary.

Then again, this may be a bug - I don’t have any heroes who behave like this, so I can’t test it. Anyone else have some insight?

  1. Wu and Ranvir don’t stack. The buffs overwrite each other.

  2. In that second image set you posted, Ranvir’s buff is listed right in the middle of the list of status effects. Conditional attack boosts don’t change the displayed stats.


I’ve got Ranvir’s special fully leveled to 8 and he’s only level 2. He’s much better than Wu because he actually attacks also. He fires frequently and the hits are huge!

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Wait a second, Ranvir counter Userna and mork-Arr somewhat. Because of the link that give elemental def. Interesting

Definitely added to the S rank titan crew. He will replace Wukong.

The titan S ranks are in my opinion: Wukong, athena, Tarlak, Ranvir, Wilbur, Aegir(buffed).

Now that we are getting to the tail end of the month, what are everyones thoughts on Ranvir? Would you choose him over the classic yellows like Leo, Viv, Justice, etc?

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