Ranvir / Miki Special Bug - Buff increase is not shown on the hero card when applied

This morning I noticed that the +attack and -accuracy buff/debuff from Ranvir’s special attack was not being applied.

I tested with Wu Kong which is similar and those were clearly applied with the +attack showing when holding on the hero card to see the info card.

Ranvir however showed no difference and continued play did not have the increased attack or decreased accuracy applied. I waited a couple hours and reloaded the game to find this was still the case.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load the game.
  2. Add Ranvir to your team.
  3. Load into a game.
  4. Hold over Ranvir to display the hero card stats.
  5. Note the stats currently include no buffs.
  6. Use Ranvir’s special skill.
  7. Hold over Ranvir and observe the attack stat.

The attack stat is unchanged with the special attack increase and accuracy decrease not being applied.

Expected Result:
The special skill is applied as it does for Wu Kong.


This issue is known to occur on:
Android version 30.0.2 BUILD 1300
Google Pixel 3a - Android version 10

Time issue first occurred:
23rd July 2020 - 07:45am

This is my first time reporting a bug so apologies if I have missed anything.

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I think that because it’s situational (ie, health lower than the target) its not reflected as a +X on the card however the damage modifier is still applied when the conditions are met.

Check damage output when the target definitely has higher hp than you eg. Titan and you should be able to confirm

Edit: I think this will show its not actually a bug but just to say that you’ve produced a very detailed bug report and gives all the right info (you said it was first time so I wanted to give feedback, even though I’m just a regular forum member)


Having double checked @Dannyoh31 you are correct and I was misinterpreting the functionality! Having re-tested against a titan, the buff and debuff was applied with noticeably increased damage and some missed being applied as expected so it is functioning correctly.

So it is just a visual issue where the increased attack is not shown against the hero card as shown here:

I think given Wu Kong shows the increased attack this should also be reflected for Ranvirs as well.

I’ll update the title if I can to better reflect the issue I believe is still present.

Thanks for the feedback, in case I report any in future I wanted to make sure there’s sufficient info :slight_smile:

The reason it is not shown is because the attack boost is conditional.

The condition being that the defending party must have HP > the hero. As this condition is not ALWAYS met, the card doesn’t show a stat boost.

There are other examples where, because the boost is situational the buff isn’t shown as a “plus xyz” on the stats including:

  • Miki who has two conditions. 1) attack boost is ONLY normal attack and 2) the Enemy HP > hero.
  • Tarlak where attack boost is ONLY for normal attack.

You will note the difference between those examples and Wu Kong or Boldtusk is that:

  1. The buff is for “Attack”; doesn’t specify Normal Attack or Special Skill damage whatever
  2. the buff is not conditional on HP ratio’s
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Thanks @Guvnorfor the explanation. I understand that it is a conditional attack boost. Personally I expected it would still show when the condition is applied in scenarios where a specific enemy has been selected so that it is the target for a special attack, and thus the potential attack boost would be highlighted in red or a flashing green to indicate the potential buff would be applied. Alternatively, selecting an enemy where the boost would not be applied would display as it is.
Also for titans where the potential boost would be applied I would expect this to show the potential boost indicator.

To me this is one of those small/nice additions but I understand the reasons why it was not included. If no one thinks it’s worth adding/updating then no worries and this can be disregarded.

It’s kinda weird to me that it isn’t displayed, even if in parenthesis or something. Buuut I don’t check those stats more than like, once a month or something so not too worried about it.

But, wanted to echo what was said above that your post was very well constructed, clear, and had all the right screen shots :slight_smile:

Seems like you’d be a good addition to the Beta squad, if they’re looking for more people :slight_smile:

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Has anyone managed to see or record where the +130% normal attack applies that only applies when the enemy has more HP than attacker … in rounds? Even in Titans, I know that the muscular arm comes out but I don’t see the numbers reflected in the allies of that increase, as much as I check it. It is to know if Miki or I have a mistake :slight_smile:

Wrote this on another thread on the exact same question but w.r.t. Ranvir.

The logic & application is identical.

Edit: I just merged the threads & adjusted the title of the older thread.

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