Ranvir + Miki is posible?

Ranvir’s powers add up to miki’s?


Devs nerfed Tarlak in Beta so none of them stack.


RNG buff ( Wu Kong/ Ranvir ) + Tile/ Matching buff ( Tarlak/ Miki )

(Ranvir – New June 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion)


Well actually they stack but up to 170% atk which is really bad because:

Pure Ranvir = +195% attack and -35% accuracy
Pure Miki = +130% attack
Ranvir + Miki = +170% attack with -35% accuracy

So Miki+Ranvir is worse than only Ranvir or only Miki.


Yes. A horrible idea.

For those who did not click through my above reply, see notes for all the math.


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In Beta, Martial Prowess v0.1 had a cap of 360% or 365% ( been a long time ) which was totally broken.


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If you want to improve your damage… you should use Miki (or Tarlak) + any heroe 5* with buff normal damage (like a Zimkitha +25% damage) + any heroe 5* with critial buff (like a ares or gregoreon). Why?
Because you can stack Miki/Tarlak buff to max 170% damage, so you have to add more (max)40% and critical does not stack/affect miki/tarlak’s conditional buff


I’ve tried this. Really didn’t saw anything good or bad. I think it’s not a good idea