Ranvir elemental bonus not working

Today in the fight against a dark titan 7 * I noticed that the elemental bonus of ranvir + 46% dark resistance just did not work. I remember the last time I fought a dark titan 5 * the bonus seemed to work as my troops were still max point of life.
So I’m not sure I can confirm it but the one on the 7 * just does not work.

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Hi @Ultrakiller and welcome to the forum. What leads you to believe the elemental defense wasn’t working? For a few turns after Ranvir uses his ability, yellow heroes will have some damage mitigation against purple attacks, but the titans will still do significant damage with their hits.

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I was fighting a Purple too and Ranvir’s Element link isn’t showing on the other heroes “mugshots” when his special goes off (yes, I color stack)

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Same problem here! Also when triggering Wu Kong’s increased attack buff right after Ranvir it does not replace Ranvirs buff but just removes it! Happened today!

I have pics that proves that but I can only post one at a time.
Sucks that I lost at least 5-6 Atlantis fights and preformed poorly a couple of times on the titan before realizing that!

Please post screenshots of this issue, @Cyberbam, even it takes a series of posts.

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His element link only lasts for 4 turns, while his attack buff lasts for 5. So there will always be a turn where there’s no element link but the attack buff is still showing.

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here’s Ranvir’s buff just activated and Wu Kong is ready to go!

and here after activating Wu Kong, Ranvir’s increase attack is removed instead of replaced! Element Link is still there though this time!

And here to double check! Proteus only have the shield buffs from Kiril and Kashhrek and nothing from either Ranvir nor Wu Kong

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Noticed the same with ranvir elemental link, but don’t have Wu, it was with other holy heroes

OK, but this is a slightly different problem than what the OP, @Ultrakiller, reported. You’re showing that Wu’s buff removes Ranvir’s (as expected) but then doesn’t apply his own buff (bug).

Your pics DO show that all the yellow heroes are getting the elemental link defense, though, which is not what @Ultrakiller reported.

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I didn’t know how to start a new thread to be honest! But I’ve had both issues but no pics on the first issue though.
Do you suggest that I start a new thread on the Wu buff?

Let’s leave things here – whatever dev picks this bug report up tomorrow will need to look at both the Ranvir and Wu code anyway. Might as well handle all this issues at once.

OTOH, I just tried to replicate your bug and couldn’t. Here are the pics. In #1 I had just killed the last mob on the previous board with Ranvir’s cast.

In #2 I cast Wu Kong. Ranvir’s special (with the little heart) is replaced by the dice-only icon, but the elemental link remains.

Oh, ok I’ll try it again when energy is refilled, might run it a couple of times just to make sure.
It seems to work fine in Raids though, but titan fights and season 2 stage 15-3 (is the one I’m farming) are the ones I see this issue in.

The problem I was speaking about its If ranvir bonus is active +46% elemental resist again dark. If the titan hit for 400 damage the buff would absorb close to 175ish damage.
But each time again the titan I get hit for 400 even with the buff up or not
Each time Im speaking about titan … its dark

I will wait to face another dark titan and record it

Also, bring in a non-yellow hero (probably needed anyway for a -defense ailment on the titan) and see if the damage done to it is the same (roughly) as damage on the holy heroes.

It’s entirely possible that titan slash attacks are not ‘colored’. They aren’t in raids.

Ok so I farmed s2 15-3 (with the same team as above) four times and the buff-thing happened during two of them. I feel it’s more like 70-80% of the time, but I’m not sure! Tried to figure out what triggers it and I think it might be related to activating too many specials fast after each other, or maybe something fails during the stage loading up!

Oh, one more thing, when that thing happens Wu doesn’t apply his buff at all, even when allies don’t have any buffs conflicting with his or not, he just turn to debuffing Ranvirs buff from everyone and nothing else!

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