Ranvir and tile damage

WuKung not only increase specials damage he increase tile damage does Ravnir also increase tile damage

Yes, Ranvir increases the tile damage. But this effect is only applied when target has more hp than attacker which is different from Wu.


Ranvir also HITS and Wu does NOT… Ranvir is FAST and Wu is NOT… Ranvir is HoTM and Wu is NOT Ranvir is WAY superior to Wu


Yes and he’s got element link which adds +46% def against purple. But OP question was about tile damage :slight_smile:

Yes I know I was just letting OP know other things. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Why is none of this explained on the hero cards themselves? I’ve been playing over a year and nothing about a hero special effect troop damage is mentioned. I was under the impression that it only effected defense against troop damage. For example. Ranvir’s special gives a -35% chance to “miss” however, I thought or was under the impression that applied to the other heroes special attacks not troop damage. Someone should clarify this for new players in the game. Ridiculous!

Ranvirs card says +attack, -accuracy for all allies provided enemy’s health is higher than attackers. I don’t see what’s unclear with that? If we take Tarlak for comparison, his card says +normal attack: thus excluding specials.

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Join a training alliance or learn to use search.

We all started with the same information. And, it is all available in Community Forum.

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I didn’t know they effected troops as well. That was my whole point. But, thank you. Now I know.

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Oh, ouch. Tender are they. Lol

that’s how I’d summon it up…nothing taking away from wukong …it is what it is

Ranvir have a good damage on tile and by the way I have Miki as well and on Titan without mana with Miki I don’t get over 35K per flag and with Ranvir without any mana i get usually around 50K . Usually with Miki if you keep him charged at all time you get over Ranvir but not big amount. Ranvir is better than Miki with all his misses, that’s my opinion

Well I’m glad he’s working for somebody. Had I known I would miraculously pull Miki I would never have ascended Ranvir. For me Ranvir becomes more of a liability the stronger the titans get. 13* and 14* titans hit too hard so you cant afford to have stuns miss sometimes. I never used Ranvir on weaker titans so I can’t say anything about his effectiveness there but I know its probably better.

Re attacker, I interpret this as comparing the HP of the target and the hero(es) who are about to inflict tile damage. That’s correct, yes? (It’s not a comparison of the target to Ranvir.)

Can you say more about the when? Do we evaluate the relative HPs of the target and the attacker when Ranvir fires or (later) when the tiles hit?

I suppose I have the same question about special skills, but I would like to get the tile question sorted.

Ultimately, I am trying to use Ranvir correctly. When do I fire him relative to a healer in my lineup, for example.


Ranvir is my go-to for titan attack multiplier. I use him on every titan except with yellows. His “HP higher than attacker” does apply to the specific hero firing their special, or the tiles assigned to that hero - not solely Ranvir. This principal applies once Ranvir fires his special and for the 5 turns that follow. Once it expires, everything goes back to normal. If you fire Ranvir’s special during a turn, and then fire another heroes special, that special will be subject to the status effect Ranvir has cast. It is wise to fire a defense drop special prior to firing Ranvir’s special during the same turn FYI.

I love Ranvir for a number of reasons, however, there are two specific reasons i feel he is the best for titan battles

  1. He’s fast! There are no other fast attack multipliers in the game. Why is this relevant? You will burn far fewer mana potions and tornadoes to keep him active. Miki can cause more damage, but he is EXPENSIVE!
  2. His special lasts 5 turns! Again, the cost to keep him active is lower than the cost to keep any of the other multipliers. The others only last 4 turns. Sure the others can stack in different ways and give you better / more consistent results, but at what cost?

BTW, his special - I never get tired of watching it. 7 base balls go in a circle until he picks one and wings it to the sound of a sitar string? hahahahahahah. I love it.

Just my 2 cents



Thank you for the detailed answer. This is just the type of information I was hoping for.

To be clear and honest, I mostly use Ranvir against Titans (rarely in war). I figured that against Titans, the HP of the Titan will almost always be higher than that of the attacker. But having said that, I don’t know for certain whether that wide bar at the bottom of the Titan is HP or something else (always assumed HP, shame on me for not investigating).

Okay, in any case, I always fire Ranvir before I fire my healer just to make sure that the HP disparity is in place – it sounds like this doesn’t make sense, though, since if I fire the healer in the same turn as Ranvir, the damage disparity will be assessed over the next five turns whereby the healer’s affect will enter into the calculation. Does it make sense, then, to hold the healer until after the last possible turn?

You said, it makes sense to fire a defense down special prior to Ranvir’s in the same turn.

Is that just because subsequent turns will take additional affect with the combination of defense down and attack up, or something more subtle. Why not Ranvir then defense down if I fire both in the same turn? I must be missing something.

Your points 1 and two are well taken. I read Miki’s card as saying the + attack effect lasts five turns while the silencing lasts four, but I hadn’t thought about it until you mentioned it. Thanks.

Surely those are cricket balls and not baseballs, though, right? I will look more closely the next time I fire his special.

Because of the chance to miss after Ranvir special and maybe not get the defence down.

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That makes sense. So it makes sense to fire in this sequence, then:

  1. all non-healers
  2. Ranvir
  3. healer
    Thanks, @Astvinr

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