Ranvir and tile damage

WuKung not only increase specials damage he increase tile damage does Ravnir also increase tile damage

Yes, Ranvir increases the tile damage. But this effect is only applied when target has more hp than attacker which is different from Wu.

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Ranvir also HITS and Wu does NOT… Ranvir is FAST and Wu is NOT… Ranvir is HoTM and Wu is NOT Ranvir is WAY superior to Wu


Yes and he’s got element link which adds +46% def against purple. But OP question was about tile damage :slight_smile:

Yes I know I was just letting OP know other things. :slightly_smiling_face:

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LOL I tried to leave you likes but I am OUT lol

Why is none of this explained on the hero cards themselves? I’ve been playing over a year and nothing about a hero special effect troop damage is mentioned. I was under the impression that it only effected defense against troop damage. For example. Ranvir’s special gives a -35% chance to “miss” however, I thought or was under the impression that applied to the other heroes special attacks not troop damage. Someone should clarify this for new players in the game. Ridiculous!

Ranvirs card says +attack, -accuracy for all allies provided enemy’s health is higher than attackers. I don’t see what’s unclear with that? If we take Tarlak for comparison, his card says +normal attack: thus excluding specials.

Join a training alliance or learn to use search.

We all started with the same information. And, it is all available in Community Forum.

I didn’t know they effected troops as well. That was my whole point. But, thank you. Now I know.

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