Ranvir and Boldtusk

Do Ranvir and Boldtusk buffs stack

Yes they do. Ranvir also stacks with battle items increasing attack.


This is true, and a highly useful observation — but for the context of this question it’s probably worth also pointing out that Boldtusk and Battle Items increasing attack don’t stack with each other.

Also linking this for reference: 📑 Status Effects - Buffs and Ailments


Also Khiona doesn’t stack with battle items or Boldtusk/Gadeirus/Kiril etc. attack buff.
Wu/Ranvir/Tarlak stack with other attack buffs, although Tarlak only up to 160% so it’s a bad idea to stack Tarlak with Wu/Ranvir.


Boldtusk and WuKung stack. I was wandering did Ranvir do the same

Yep, they do! 20 chars

Does ranvir and tarlak stack? I was told I might be better off running mono green against blue titans and not using ranvir @zephyr1

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