ℹ Ranvir – 5* Holy/Yellow HOTM - June 2019 HotM

I have ranvir and I use him only for Titan, otherwise if I try to use him in raids is a big mistake because most of the special are going to miss

That’s not factually accurate. With -35% accuracy most of your specials will hit.

But you know, it feels like you are missing 5 shots out of 4

I think the raid factor of misses is worse with Wu due to Ranvir’s buff accommodating enemy health. He essentially becomes a moderate sniper with strong tile damage that boosts your teams D against purple when you’re ahead. If you’re losing badly he is your Hail Mary too.

I think he is an improvement over Wu. He should be though as a 5* I guess over 4* Wu.


Anyone trying him outside of titan strikes now with the HotM family bonus? I also have Seshat from 2019 and their A boost family bonus compliments them well. Mostly PvE tests so far, but he is definitely going to get tested on raid teams now too. We’ll see, it would be nice to be more than a 1 truck pony even if the one trick is almost all titans (for me at least). :crossed_fingers:


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I use him all the time on raids. His attack number is very big and helps on tile damage. His special hit at 265% isn’t bad for finishing off a low hero. I would probably replace him if I had a better yellow hero, but I have been happy with him. The misses don’t happen that much either because the enemy hero’s often have lower health.

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That’s great info, thanks for sharing. Who are your other yellows? Are you using him over say a Joon or a Leonidas or something?


I use prof lidenbrock, mist, jackal, joon, and ranvir. Admittedly not the strongest team but it is what I have. With the professor my health is usually at or above max so I do t have to worry about the missing much, but get the benefit of the big attack if I am down and need a miracle.

I have a second joon non-emblemed maxed but find that ranvir is more effective with this team. I have Motega and devana at 3-70waiting for mats. One of them will likely replace ranvir.

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Hey @Thunderbuns , hope all is well. It’s been a while.

I was wondering if you LB’d you Ranvir. Been trying to find a pic of a +20 (A path) LB’d version.


Ranvir needs a huge FIX. Missing over 75% of the hits is BS. It needs a HUGE fix! It’s been a problem and is only getting worse. He’s damn near useless

Did anyone try him together with franz? Against titans?

I did not try him with Franz. But I did use Tarlak, Norns, Evelyn, Franz, and Greg. Very productive.

Fact of the matter is that Ranvir’s inaccuracies are way higher than the card says. He’s practically useless. When I say he missed 90%+ in 2 hits, I’m not kidding. I wasted 2 hits with Arthur, Finley, Cobalt, and Jott because of Ranvir. I used Miki at -37% and quadrupled the points from the best hit I had with Ranvir. It was that bad.

Unfortunately Ranvir is the best titan attack boosting specialist I have. My scores did go up from The Wu though.

Anyway, as someone who (has to) uses Ranvir everyday his misses can be streaky. He can cause all 3 tiles in a match to miss but I have also had him hit 8 or 9 times out of 10 on a diamond burst. You just never know.

It sounds like you have a lot of the other boosters like Tarlak, Miki, etc. Congrats on those pulls! I know the last thing people want is his RNG miss rate on top of all the other RNG involved in this game, but the upside can be big. He does offer the highest potential per tile damage of the boosters.

Sounds like it was a frustration on Mythic Titan this time. Although you have better options, if you use him again, as someone who bring Ranvir on his A team, tile volume helps. He has the highest potential damage per tile, so you need as many tiles for that opportunity as possible. I will typically do my A boosting, D dropping, EDD, etc., then fire Ranvir, then break out the Scrolls of Alteration to start letting diamonds fly.

It’s not ideal, but it works. Last titan my D dropper with him was Athena and the tile hits by the last turn that Athena’s drop was active I would get general hits, not even the critical point, for around 8k damage with a tile.

Not sure on your roster or background or anything, but that’s pretty good damage per tile I think. Obviously it varies, and could go higher, if you have other specific heroes or EDD involved. I think you said you had Arthur and some other good heroes, so you could go higher probably.

I guess you can always bench him too given the other heroes you’ve listed on your roster :laughing:. Given SG’s antics lately though I wouldn’t hold my breathe for a Ranvir buff or fix. I certainly wouldn’t be upset if one happened though.


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Hey Community,

I don’t have problem with missing tiles in terms off damage.
Overall the attack buff is awesome on titans.

Two point that I don’t like about Ranvir and the main resin why Mikki and Tarkak are better.

  1. You have to use items, like timestamp because even if you have 5 tiles on a week point…they can miss all or just 2… and a 14 star titans one hit and destroy the hole attack.

  2. his HP ist in a Level of a Bad 4* :wink:


That’s because his attack bonus is triggered by relative HP to the enemy. The higher his HP is the less opportunity you have for the bonus.

Not an issue on titans, but in other contexts it can factor. Then he is just a super weak sniper.


Here’s the debate @Mr.Sabaton and I are having in the wrong topic. :sweat_smile: Might as well move it here since it’s relevant to this thread.

Ranvir vs Wu from Soul Exchange thread

I’m less interested in proving which hero is better and more concerned with folks like yourself throwing wild inaccurate statements around like “a 4* S1 is better than a HOTM from 2019 because they are kind of similar and I don’t like gamblers”.

Here’s what Ranvir has to offer:

*Fast speed special skill vs Wu’s average
*Better stats
*Deals 265% damage to the target
*Element Link gives all Holy allies +46% defense against Dark for 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.
*Legends 2019 family attack bonus
*Better average tile damage


Titan Damage Boosters: Miki vs. Tarlak vs. Ranvir vs. Wu Kong vs. Guardian Gazelle - #7 by Math-Teacher

Wu has a much shorter list of advantages:
*Monk class vs Druid
*Far easier to obtain

My argument is Wu has more value than Ranvir and he isn’t a huge improvement with the resources you have to put into him (darts, higher food costs, higher emblem costs, etc.). Ranvir is the better hero, however.

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I can accept your summary. The reasons you listed why do you consider Ranvir a better hero on his own without talking the mats needed to max him into account basically all come from the fact that he is a 2019 hotm and not a 4* hero. The difference in speed is not really a factor as both heroes are used against titans so everyone use mana potions to charge them and you need the same amount of potions to charge a fast hero and an average.
If we take into account their cost to max then as you said, Wu has way more value.

I read a comment in another post that sums it up for me- the fact that it’s even a debate on who’s better a 2019 hotm or s1 original 4* hero tells you all you need to know.

I presume this would apply to ranvir as well… So if you have the 3 low percentage heroes… Have at it.

I got him from HA.

I think he’s going to SE.