Ranvir @ 3.70 versus Wu Kong @ 4.70. Which is better?

I have both heroes, but I’m likely a couple/few months from being able to max Ranvir. I have Wu at 4.60. Should I prioritize getting Ranvir to 3.70, or max Wu? I have no idea what Ranvir’s stats look like at 3.70. I have a feeling that Ranvir is the way to go. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Pros and cons but overall I feel 3.70 Ranvir is about the same as 4.70 Wu Kong for titans.

However, something I didn’t mention is that maxed Wu Kong can get emblems, which is something Ranvir can’t until he maxes. So keep that in mind too; Ranvir will eventually be much better than Wu, but that will take time.


Thanks for the info. Looks like it’s a toss-up. I’ll stick with Wu for now, but level Ranvir as feeders permit. Based upon event schedules, I likely can’t max Ranvir until like mid-September or so, barring any lucky rewards of darts that might come my way between now and then.

Wu Kong 4* 4.70 can also be used for both Epic, and Legendary, tier challenge event tier completion bonus to get the 10+10 emblems and the 20+20 emblems. So I would invest in Wu Kong to get emblems and 3* ascension items. Then level Ranvir.

You also get roughly 3x 3* ascension items per 1x 4* ascension items, so by the time you have 6x Darts for Ranvir, you will have at least 18x Orbs, so you can use 10x Orbs to level yellow 4* heroes like Wu Kong.

I would love to have both, but RNG has not been kind this Sand Empires.


Just food for thought, if they’re about event stat-wise at those respective levels, then you’re looking at fast mana vs average mana.


here you go :slight_smile:

I prefer ranvir at 3/70. unless of course you have (quite a lot of) emblems for wu.

and agree with @JAWS_3D the fast mana is a huge deal.


Very good point. I hadn’t considered that. Back to Ranvir. lol

That’s also a very good point, the fact that 4* are allowed in more events than 5* makes it worth to level Wu Kong first even if you have Ranvir. The loot you get from clearing Epic and Legendary is good, no such thing as too many emblems :slight_smile:


I’ll keep feeding Ranvir as feeders permit. It might take me a couple of months to even get him to 3.70. I only recently got my first few 5*'s (when it rains it pours, no? lol). They move sooooo slow when it comes to leveling once you get to the 3rd ascension tier. It’s KILLING me! lol

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I already use my 4.60 Wu on the Epic tier of events. He’s kinda a necessity for me. For now…

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