Ranking this game

I would give no stars because whomever programmed how they pick your opponents during war and the tournament really suck…you are going against higher ranking opponents of course you will loose…I would never recommend this game to anyone…

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Beating a higher level opponent is a lot of fun. :muscle:

If you describe what team you found, we could give tips on how to use your heroes.

There are also good guides on raiding on the forum.


Sure is.

I already gave them 5*… that was before the tournament. I am not going to change that though, the tournament is still a work in progress anyway.


About the tournament it’s totally broken I get the bloody challenge of it but seriously all bloody does is give the rich that blast there toons too the max look at the current leader he or she has all level 30 troops I’m not stupid that particular player spent thousands on his account ftp and CTP cannot compete against that kinda team heck if u look at the top 100 every single one of the players have at least level 25 troops and above and don’t get me started on the talents anyway that’s my rant for the day hey Small Games or Zynga or whoever u are think about the common people and not just the rich and maybe just maybe give us a level playing field

Ok, honest ranking. Maybe a 3 out of 5. The game is repetitive, but simple enough your not overwhelmed. Game play clearly has mechanics designed to make certain situations more difficult; mostly with tile choices, availability and the fact you can only win with multiple combos. The need for team work is well thought out based on AW and Titans, although matchmaking is unbalanced. The game is geared toward P2P. Although F2P, you will always be out matched. It takes way too long to level heros so you have multiple teams to compete with, but has given you options with heros to try a little strategic planning. There is no incentive, except for the need and desire to level up heros to become strong enough to actually compete in tournaments or events.

For me, this is my goal. And plus, I can do this while doing other things with the auto feature.

→ 365+ days playing, and counting. Just remember try be patient

I give the game a four star ratings because I can’t simply ignore all the bugs and issues it has.

However, for my own pure entertainment value, I have to give it 5 stars!


Move over, Yelp! There’s a new rating site in town.

Glad someone finally had the courage to bring their disgruntled game ranking to the forum.


Kayo your sarcasm is getting stronger by the day.


It’s not unusual in online games that p2w players are on the top of rankings, it’s part of the business modell. But that doesn’t mean f2p or c2p can’t have fun.

You can see gaming as a car race, want to get to the top, then you need both money and skills to get there.

You can see gaming as a road trip also, enjoy the ride in your own tempo. I’m here, competitive c2p.

Road trip players should not be surprised that they don’t win the race. There are a lot of different ways to have fun, imo you can get more out of your investment in time and money if you focus on yourself and find the budget and playstyle that fits you the best.


3 out of 5, at higher lvl its repetitive and dull, the thing that keeps me going are people in my alliance, really fun group.

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3 star challenge - long time higher level p2W types - “its not fair, all these newbs are winning - what about us that pay for the game and have paid our dues”

Bloody battel - c2p, newer players “its not fair, don’t just focus on the people who are p2w and/or have been playing for nearly 3 years”




I’ve competed in all of the tournaments, I found the matchmaking and rankings to be odd and random in all of them, but I don’t see the point in complaining. You’re ranked where you’re ranked. Good boards, bad boards, etc. Yes, we all know the system is wonky - and now, thanks to people complaining that the loot for the first tournament was too good, now it’s just really bad and not even worth caring or complaining about. I don’t care where I’m ranked in comparison to other players. Is it luck? Skill? Money spent? Really, in the grand scheme of things, who gives a rat’s behind? The world does not revolve around who is “bestest score on smartphone app game”. There is no cash reward, you can’t put it on a job resume / CV. I play this game for entertainment. I really don’t care if I’m in 500,000th place. And if someone else wants to make fun of me for being in 500,000th place, the joke is really on them for thinking something so trivial actually matters in the first place. :roll_eyes:

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I give this game five stars :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

But only 0.9% of the time.

Usually I give it the same three stars as I gave it last week.


This game is like a Wu Kong hit. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, but you will play it anyways and hope for the best. 3.5/5


gentle reminder to follow Forum Rules. :slight_smile:

One in five chance for a 4 star?

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Ok so dragon do u honestly think this game would survive if the top 1% was the only ones playing?Nope and nope and nope again honestly they would get more people playing if they gave little more or even the playing field it’s like going to the store and u see a quart of strawberries and it’s 4:99 but yet no one is buying them but the top spenders could u imagine how much more money u would make if they we’re 2:99 let alone the waste of all the strawberries that won’t go bad think of us common people as the 2:99 strawberries and how much more money they would make problem is the greed is overwhelming most places in our lives so most likely us 2.99 strawberries are just gonna go bad and zynga will have to make a new game to try and lure us back when they already have a fantastic game they can tweak here and there and keep us all participating gl dude

First time I gave this game 5*. I just want to play and play, happy with just Friar Tuck , Bane, Nasgar, Shaji, and Gunnar in my roster.
Couple 2 months, I will gave 6* if they allow me, since I join in great alliance, got Tiburtus, Sonya, and yayyy Khiona and Ares that makes me really happy and all stage still force me to do my best, otherwise I will lose it. Every challenge all new journey, never waste my flags, all I wish is free world energy and raid energy.
Now my rank is drop to 4*. My Alliance is still amazing. But pulling heroes and got dupe and snack mehhhhhh, doing farming repeatedly fell a bit boring. But Challenge, war, tournament still fun and challenging. So 4* and hope it can be 5* again if they implement something new :wink:

I must agree with you. There are a few bugs and that does deserve a 4, but I really love playing this game so I would also give it a 5 just because of how much I enjoy it… I have only been playing for 200 days now and have learned a whole lot about the game. I have a lot of family members that play and we are all in my sister alliance so I love that this game allows me to have some competitive family fun. I hope this is one of those games that will continue to grow.


Player Retention Rates

Casual Players 21.8%
Regular Players 11.9%
Legendary Long Term Players 0.9%

Legendary Community Contributor and Content Creator 1.3%

My chance at spending any more, anywhere in this game: 0.3%

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