Ranking the Guardians

Panther is the obvious #1 but then what?

  1. Panther
  2. Jackal
  3. Falcon
  4. Kong
  5. Owl

How would you rank them and why?


I think that’s an accurate order.

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Owl should be #1

Pretty innacurate if u ask me

I would personally swap Kong and Owl. At least Owl I found a use for in AW, but Kong is like a worse version of Elena with a useless ice defense buff instead of more useful riposte.

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Owl to me is totally the best looking. I got the Jackal. But haven’t used him yet.

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You might discuss Owl and Kong, (haven’t got Kong), but the order is right.

1 Panther
2 Jackal
3 Falcon…

And i’m very happy having Jackal over Panther against purple titan :smiley:

The order of jackal and falcon is sort of a toss up. I find neither is much above an average 4 without a same color partner/leader. Jackal needs Joon to shine like Falcon needs GM.

Falcon comes before jackal since he hits 3

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I don’t agree. I use jackal almost always, love his very fast mana. Falcon I use only on events and titans. Jackal is above, I use him at every raid against purple tanks or flanks


I guess you guys like dispelling buffs over hp regeneration. I wouldn’t be mad if i got any of them.

Hell no very fast mana with jackal is amazing for titans

Takes awhile for falcon to charge


With jackal and wukong, purple titans melt like butter.

Panther and Jackal definitely are the top 2


This is the exact reason why I have Jackal over Falcon. Yes, falcon hits 3, but Jackal’s very fast mana makes him devastating versus titans and any purple tank.

Purple tank? Stack Jackal/Wu and delete him.

(I live in 4* land. Obviously 5* could have other options like Joon. Joon + Jackal = deleted tank)

For me, I prioritize them like this:

  1. G Panther because she’s obviously the best. Attacking three while lowering defense toward dark AND removing buffs on them. I’d say she’s the second best purple in the game (first is Hel obviously).

  2. G. Jackal because of the very fast mana, a nice high attack stat for a 4*, and hits hard while lowering defense against holy on one.

  3. G. Falcon because he lowers defense against fire, so therefore amazing for green titans, and also stacks with Athena, Isarnia, a pulverizer or Wilbur to rack up an insane amount of damage.

  4. G. Kong because he’s not G. Owl

  5. G. Owl because he’s G. Owl


Falcon + Gormek/Wilbur + Azlar/Marjana/Elena/Scarlett = hell lot of fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

No hero beats Jackal for debuff against purple titans.
Jackal + Pulverizer + Wu = a very dead titan (please do note that this combo works on all color titans only that it is more effective against purple titans except yellow titan).

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Also Kong has found a friend in Zim. Maybe a team of mono red would be fun:

Kong (he is the GUARDIAN OF ALL REDS)

Exactly, Kong has a use case. In a red stack, he’s pretty great, especially as his AoE preps in sync with Wilbur and Falcon.

I have yet to hear a plausible use case for Owl. So sad, because it’s a neat idea and great artwork, but a weak hero.


I actually do use jackal more often
Agree he is more versatile than falcon
That order is pretty accurate

Because he and Wu are yellow and have high attack stat, Jackals to me is the clear #2 behind panther. He;s kind of a 1b to panthers 1a for me. The two of them (and any defense debuffer) carried me on every color titan (except yellow, where I would drop jackal) to the top of the titan boards way back in the day. Have a 2nd jackal? You basically are certain to get a 30k hit on a purple titan. And when he dies, because, well, he dies a lot, still massive tile damage.

Kong is huge against high level blue titans. His special will keep all the 4s you still want to bring from getting one shot killed. I also use him when we face an all green tank team in alliance wars. (Wait… that never actually happens). So - blue titans it is!

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