Ranking of the best hitters (snipers) to 7th June 2020

If you really have a competitive gaming brain, then you wouldn’t be so upset right now because all of this information is fairly obvious.

Snipers will never OHKO any hero on offense without some form of team support. Snipers are meant to finish off an enemy but you can’t be expecting to do 1,000 damage unless you have some buffs and ailments on the field, hence why heroes like Panther, Eve, Frida, etc. are so valuable. Most KO’s are done in a 1-2 punch format.

Personally, I am not a big fan of using snipers as I tend to play the stall game with bulky heroes who use buffs/ailments to strengthen allies and weaken enemies and then use DoT/AoE heroes to decimate all the heroes at once rather than take out one at a time.

But if you can’t figure out how to competitively take advantage of using someone like Sartana, then I think you are highly overestimating your cOmPeTitIvE gAmEr bRaIn

Lol, what’s hysterical here is that you’re judging my competitive gaming brain off my trust in a company to make snipers actually snipe people, which sadly I’m learning they don’t.

This is a balancing issue. If I had only hit this much against a heimdall with his paladin buff active I wouldn’t be complaining because it’s 1,000 defense, but 600 defense…it’s a joke.

C.Magni+Normal Magni make a short work from Heimdall. C.Magni and Lepus too.
Defence down and attack up is key. Fast normal or elemental defence debuffers can amplify snipers to snipe.

150%Damage modifier is really low. We’re talking about something like 100-120 damage from a 5*. Just like Vela now has with her measly 130% on all enemies. They nerfed her so much that I had to switch her with Magni - the hero that she previously replaced… she just doesn’t do enough damage anymore - even with the DoT.

From my experience, doing too little damage gets punished quickly in diamond. One heal and all your fancy damage is gone. You need to take out at least one hero before the heal or before they fire their devastating special.

I’m using Athena, cb Kiril, Magni, Evelyn and Kingston as my raid team against red and blue tanks. All of them load with 8 or 9 tiles. With this team I can usually take out 2-3 enemies quickly. If I would replace the snipers with hit-3 heroes, I would struggle to win even one fight in upper diamond.

What’s hysterical is that they are called snipers by us players, not by SG.

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Yeah, Gefjon is killer. A proper red sniper is what has been missing. I have her maxed out and now I’m not sure what to do with ranger emblems. I have Seshat at 18 and Finley at 16. Gefjon needs more emblems!

Sartana isn’t trash. You likely had a low theta on that attack. She usually does about 700 damage to my 5* team, and with heavy buffs on my team and her jinx talent I’ve seen 1300+ (this is defense Sartanas hitting my team; I have her but rarely use because JF and Proteus are using all the wizard emblems)

Which is damage even Lianna can’t fish out by herself.

Snipers are for hitting a mid health hero and killing it. A dead hero is worth A lot more than 3 damaged ones, especially if a healer is about to fire. Even better if you can kill that half damaged healer.

I can’t remember for certain but I don’t think that in this list I have included the silent +20% attack & defence stat boost given to the defence team.

When I get some time I can look at re-running the numbers…

The issue is that on defence they will do gain +20% more attack (more damage than listed) while on attacking team the defence will get +20% more defence (i.e. less damage than listed)…

Edit: I had already made specific mention of this in the list. I have now hilighted it green to make it more visible:

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Ah, thank you, much appreciated for the clarification!

She doesn’t when your other rangers are Seshat and Finley! LOL

Uraeus seems like he would be after C.Joon on Guv’s list.

How would limit breakers affect these calculations? I supposed that a higher % damage (like C Sartana’s 685 attack and 532%) will benefit more than a lower % damage with an initial higher attack stat (like Ureaus 778 attack and 485% damage) but I might be wrong, just thinking about what everydoby said regarding Glenda’s buff.

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