Ranking of the best hitters (snipers) to 7th June 2020

What I did in this ranking is show which heroes have the most direct potential damage hit to a single enemy. Clarify that I did not take into account anything to do with altered states, or bonus in attack or defense, I only took the values ​​of the card at its maximum level, then I added the attack improvement in its talents path to attack and lastly I added with the % of epic mana troop at level 30. No matter what actual damage the enemy takes next, no matter how much the defense of each enemy affects … I’m not evaluating that. Mine only shows who hits harder than who, if everyone hits the same enemy in the same conditions … the number does not matter so much because the variables to obtain the real total damage are many and I do not manage them. What I’m trying to show is that if Lianna attacks Ursena while Ursena has a 30% defense shield, she will always do more damage than if Alasie attacks Ursena in the same conditions … just knowing who has more direct damage in the special than who. Everything else I never took into account, that can be calculated by someone who knows and put together that ranking.

Thats what I was trying to point out. “Attack Power” doesn’t linearly translate to “damage dealt”… The damage calculation doesn’t work like that as evidenced by the difference between your list & the one I posted above. It is SIMILAR but not the same.

The list I put above evaluates the damage from sniper against a set enemy. All conditions are the same in every calculation, the only thing that changes is the Sniper.

Comparison of the two ranks:

Hero Calc. Dmg Rank OP Rank Difference
Lianna (+CB) 1 1 0
Joon (Costume) 2 3 1
Lianna 3 2 -1
Lianna (Costume) 4 6 2
Joon (+CB) 5 5 0
Sartana (Costume) 6 4 -2
Joon 7 8 1
Magni (+CB) 8 9 1
Alasie 9 7 -2
Poseidon 10 12 2
Kingston 11 13 2
Magni 12 14 2
Gregorion 13 11 -2
King Arthur 14 15 1
Sartana (+CB) 15 10 -5
Master Lepus - -
Alice 16 17 1
Sartana 17 16 -1
Magni (Costume) 18 22 4
Domitia (+CB) 19 18 -1
Marjana 20 19 -1
Seshat 21 20 -1
Domitia (Costume) 22 21 -1
Domitia 23 23 0
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The difference is because I put the order looking at the maximum potencial damage, (the hero at max level, + the full attack talent path + the full mana epic troop), and sometimes it modifies the order if you only look the damage without the talents path… that is because some classes has more talents to give on attack than others.

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Ok that makes a little more sense.

I like it. All versions of Lianna and Joon belonging to the top 7 hard-hitting snipers with Sartana (costume version) as the odd hero out. I really don’t care much about the DoT as it can easily be dispelled or mitigated by a simple heal. It gave me more justification to ascend second Lianna and second Joon on both costumes. Thank you, @Guvnor.

Technically, I don’t consider Gregorion/Domitia as snipers because they are average speed.

But good job @Jamir on creating the list, now we can definitely say that red heroes really lack of snipers.

Added Gefjon into this list :slight_smile:


I don’t suppose you might rank the beta Costume Marjana? I know it’s beta and likely to change but I see a lot of discussion centering around Gefjon vs C Marjana vs Marjana with CB… it would be very interesting to see. :slight_smile:

Marjana = 696.79 direct (+300 DoT)
Marjana +CB = 743.59 (+300 DoT)
C- Marjana = 586.17 (+0.5 to nearby also)

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So after seeing this chart I leveled up sartana currently she’s at 7 emblems. All attack nodes and she is only hitting for high 600s no costume bonus but this is against 4*s…seriously feeling remorse about the investment in sartana. Major disappointment. What am I missing?

I’ve included my sartanas current stats and the Scarlett I only hit for 677

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Fenrir got a buff to 640%.

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The misunderstanding comes from the wording.
„XXX% damage“ is not the same as „XXX damage“.

Some heroes do fixed damage with their special: „XXX damage“
This concerns all DoT heroes and heroes like Hansel, Gretel, Pixie, An-Windr and Gullinbursti.

The „XXX% damage“ is not a fixed damage. It gets thrown into the damage formula, which uses the ratio of attack (with all buffs/debuffs) and defense (with all buffs/debuffs) and finally you get the resulting damage.

So your damage heavily depends on the Attacker’s ATK, the defender‘s DEF and all the currently active buffs/debuffs for attack and the defense.

Regarding your 677 damage, that looks fine to me.
With the assumption that troops boost Scarlett‘s defense by +20% and Saratana‘s attack by +18% and no other buffs are active, this gives

Attack = 724 x 1.18 x 452% = 3861
Defense = 594 x 1.2 = 712
attack/defense ratio = 5.42

Eyeballing the approximate damage from the damage curve that I collected for specials, I would say that the damage should be around 640.

If it would be the defender‘s Sartana attacking Scarlett with the same attack/defense ratio of 5.42 I would eyeball something like 850

Well, I guess I’m glad I just learned that investing anything Into snipers is a total waste in every way lol.

You know, after spending 6 months worth of saved mats on garbage lol!

600 defense is TERRRIBBLEEEE.

If sartana only hits that much against 600 defense snipers are trash tier heroes.

Snipers need some teamwork.
Combine them with someone that reduces defense (Grimm, Gormek, Tiburtus, Athena, etc.), somebody that increases your attack (Boldtusk, Kiril, etc.), maybe even someone that reduces elemental defense, and your damage will reach 1300 and more, easily eliminating any target.


Also two snipers in tandem can generally take out a hero. I love snipers because they deal max damage to the most dangerous opponent.

Issue here is that sartana is trash by herself, just make her a four star and call it a day haha.

If they made her poison damage over 2 turns, or even 3 she would be viable, but 6…now she does nothing lol.

Disagree. The DOT would be better at 3 turns, but it does a decent job at 6. Similar to Marjana, it goes up with emblems on attack. Sartana is an A sniper.

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What I’m trying to get at is that the 600 defense scarlett is super low and a 4*. against fully emblemed 5s sartana will barely tickle the target. Maybe costume bonus really makes up the difference or max Troops, but it just feels terrible that there are all of these genuinely valuable 5s and sartana doesn’t do anything greAt. So much food, feeders, and mats wasted.

Sartana is one of the few S1 heroes that keep evading me, so I don’t have any experience with her, but I used Vela before her nerf in my raid attack team. Her DoT was very useful despite being similarly low (per turn) like Sartana’s.

Only a few heroes work well alone. Nearly all of them need some teamwork, some of them more, some of them less. When you find a team with great synergy, each hero can shine.

My Kingston sometimes does only 500+ damage in raid, if there is no attack buff from Kiril and no defense down from Athena and/or Evelyn. Yes, that’s annoyingly low. But that’s how it is. Get the buffs and debuffs working and Kingston does 1000+ :smiley:

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Here’s an idea from my competitive gaming brain. Skip all of these weird steps to take out 1 person and replace the sniper with hits 3 people. Even if those heroes only did 150% damage to
3 targets it would still be better than just buffing Ttack to have a sniper it 1 person. And you know what??? We have drake, grim, tiburtus, cobalt, all these guys who at 3 match speed without attack buffs can really rip through people. Skip the snipers win more games.