Ranking of the best hitters (snipers) to 7th June 2020

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The only sad thing about this chart is red has one pure sniper in Marjana and she’s middle of the pack. We need a hard sniper, especially with Green now dominating tank defense position.


Couple of things;

1 - how are you calculating the “total damage” component? Asking because I think there is an error in it. Running the maths on Jabberwock (Using the formula set out in the Damage Calculation Thread), I get a total damage per strike of 455.26 against an average 5* defender… Multiplied by 2x and adding the DoT gets a total of 1144.52 damage which is a far-cry from the 4458 you have listed…

2 - Jabberwock doesn’t do 600% damage. He does 2x strikes for 300% damage. Because of how the damage Calculation works a ≠ b

3 - Master Lepus should also be on this list. The guy hits for 410% damage to the target (plus splash to nearby) & has a bigger attack stat than pretty well everyone on the list.

Ran the numbers on all the snipers using their REAL damage dealt to an average defence hero of the same star rating:

Hero Strike % Damage (Target) DoT Total
Lianna (+CB) 512 974.47 974.47
Gefjon 500 951.70 951.70
Joon (Costume) 488 940.82 940.82
Lianna 512 913.07 913.07
Lianna (Costume) 482 910.89 910.89
Joon (+CB) 468 895.29 895.29
Sartana (Costume) 532 884.04 884.04
Joon 468 838.86 838.86
Magni (+CB) 420 835.34 835.34
Alasie 462 809.55 809.55
Poseidon 450 789.87 789.87
Kingston 445 783.69 783.69
Magni 420 782.92 782.92
Gregorion 455 778.59 778.59
King Arthur 468 777.47 777.47
Sartana (+CB) 452 770.24 294 1064.24
Master Lepus 410 760.44 760.44
Alice 430 737.47 737.47
Sartana 452 722.07 294 1016.07
Magni (Costume) 420 717.02 717.02
Domitia (+CB) 410 716.86 716.86
Marjana 458 699.52 300 999.52
Seshat 400 692.13 692.13
Domitia (Costume) 390 690.35 324 1014.35
Domitia 410 671.47 671.47

You can see the order is SIMILAR but not quite the same… Mainly because of how Damage is actually calculated in the game. It’s not a straight up linear calculation but is really an exponential relationship between the Attack Power & the Defence Stats of the enemy.

Note: for this I haven’t taken into account the silent “stat boost” that defending heroes have… So the damage will be a touch lower (e.g. Lianna with costume bonus goes from 974.47 damage to 761.85 damage)

Edit 2:
Adding in the “Special Cases”

Hero Strike % Damage (Target) DoT Total
Fenrir 600 1239.2 1239.2
Azlar Costume 410 794.2 430 1224.2
Jabberwock 300 455.26 234 1144.52
Alfrike 200 223.97 1119.85
Sumle (Vs. 4*) 515 1039.47 1039.47
Sumle (Vs. 5*) 515 889.76 889.76
Kageburado 450 840.38 840.38

Mine is a simply damage calculating without considerating the deffense factors, just the amount of attack of each special… but I don’t know then about the defense that modifies those numbers… I really dont have that info… so its only a look to the attack * % of special damages, and then multiplied by their attacka talent paths at 30, and… adding the mana troop at level 30

Why wouldn’t you add 4* heroes to the list? I’d be interested to see how my Triton+19 att does.

Because I try to put the most powerful ones… If I put all the heroes… there is a lot of work to do haha

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Great list @Jamir. Line: mcbeard79 is like to collaborate and add a few columns for w/Tarlak, Ranvir, Wu, Sexy Rigard, etc…

Great work!


whats is mean DOT ?
i dont understand DoT

Damage Over Time (the residual damages like azlar burnig, or Proteus poisoning)

Thank you @Jamir for creating a quick comparison list of snipers and @Guvnor for additional information. Some people are gifted with a love of math and accuracy while others are gifted with the ability to create a broad brushstroke picture. This forum is a wonderful place where these differing talents benefit the many. IDIC

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ow ok thanks a lot…now i got it

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Ahh Ok… May be a little misleading to call it “damage” then… It’s more “attack power” than anything.

As I said, the damage calculation is (pretty) straight forward & all listed out in the Damage Calculation Thread (linked above too).

But it does change the order of the “best snipers” a bit from what is in your OP.

I’m still hesitant between magni and king arthur In raising the level and I have tools for one hero my only problem how i benefit from skill magni in Defense Or i use king arthur and make it just damage

Wow, I’m somewhat disappointed in Sartana in costume. Doesn’t even beat out a vanilla Lianna…

I’m leaving my Sartana at 4/1 with max costume since I will be using the costume more anyways. Although Sartana w/ Costume bonus deals the most overall damage, that 294 DoT is over freakin 6 turns.

“Attack power” is then a meaningless concept since in real battle, only the “damage” that you calculated is meaningful. Therefore the list of “best hitter” should be ranked by “damage” that you calculated

What I did in this ranking is show which heroes have the most direct potential damage hit to a single enemy. Clarify that I did not take into account anything to do with altered states, or bonus in attack or defense, I only took the values ​​of the card at its maximum level, then I added the attack improvement in its talents path to attack and lastly I added with the % of epic mana troop at level 30. No matter what actual damage the enemy takes next, no matter how much the defense of each enemy affects … I’m not evaluating that. Mine only shows who hits harder than who, if everyone hits the same enemy in the same conditions … the number does not matter so much because the variables to obtain the real total damage are many and I do not manage them. What I’m trying to show is that if Lianna attacks Ursena while Ursena has a 30% defense shield, she will always do more damage than if Alasie attacks Ursena in the same conditions … just knowing who has more direct damage in the special than who. Everything else I never took into account, that can be calculated by someone who knows and put together that ranking.

Thats what I was trying to point out. “Attack Power” doesn’t linearly translate to “damage dealt”… The damage calculation doesn’t work like that as evidenced by the difference between your list & the one I posted above. It is SIMILAR but not the same.

The list I put above evaluates the damage from sniper against a set enemy. All conditions are the same in every calculation, the only thing that changes is the Sniper.

Comparison of the two ranks:

Hero Calc. Dmg Rank OP Rank Difference
Lianna (+CB) 1 1 0
Joon (Costume) 2 3 1
Lianna 3 2 -1
Lianna (Costume) 4 6 2
Joon (+CB) 5 5 0
Sartana (Costume) 6 4 -2
Joon 7 8 1
Magni (+CB) 8 9 1
Alasie 9 7 -2
Poseidon 10 12 2
Kingston 11 13 2
Magni 12 14 2
Gregorion 13 11 -2
King Arthur 14 15 1
Sartana (+CB) 15 10 -5
Master Lepus - -
Alice 16 17 1
Sartana 17 16 -1
Magni (Costume) 18 22 4
Domitia (+CB) 19 18 -1
Marjana 20 19 -1
Seshat 21 20 -1
Domitia (Costume) 22 21 -1
Domitia 23 23 0
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