Ranking of the best hitters (snipers) to 20th May 2020

Who has it bigger? (the hit!) I made this ranking taking calculating the total damage capacity of a single direct hit to a single enemy (without residual damage or buffs added). Normal heroes come in 3 variations:

  • Normal
  • Costumed (wearing costum)
  • Normal (costumed but NOT wearing costum)

I also calculated the total damage if each hero had 20 talents on the attack path according to their classes and also if we add the epic attack troop and mana at its highest level, 30.
At the end 4 special cases of heroes that can do significant damage to a single enemy if certain conditions are met.

Alfrike does that damage if his 5 cubes hit the same target.
Fenrir does that damage if his target has less than 50% health.
Jabberwock does that damage if only 1 enemy is left standing.
Kageburado does that damage if its target has more than 50% health.


Great list @Jamir. Makes it a lot easier to compare snipes.

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Thanks a lot for this list

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You should include the hardest hitting hero in this list! :wink:

Costumed Lianna not wearing her costume! -> 3917


Yes… all the “normal” heroes with the costum (not wearing it) must add 5% to this attack!

how does costumed azlar stack up here? hes not a sniper but neither is jabberwocky…

I will upgrade the list with these new costums and looking at the “normal heroes with costume without wearing it”

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Can you add Costume Domitia?
Also, what formula are you using to calculate the damage?

yes… I dont show all the heroes… just the 15 o 16 more powerful. The formula: (attack * % of direct damage of the special) / 100

hey stew

I have already updated the list


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