Ranking fights inside alliance

How about create ranking fights inside alliace that could be iteresting…
I have played this game some Time and i have Been several alliances some of thouse had leader problems cause leader was kind of person that didn’t know how to Be good leader

What’s your definition of a good leader?

Do you think the problem is leadership but not the ensemble of members who also don’t care for leadership?

Why aren’t you looking further when searching for Alliances and make sure you like the leadership style?

Many questions…

There is a rank inside the Alliances: that’s the cup ranking. I don’t see a reason to add to that, but maybe you could explain further.


Agree, a good player does not equal a good leader.

Other than probably knowing the game mechanics well, there’s nothing to say that a highly ranked player has any notion of how to encourage, discipline, tutor or inspire a team.


Leader should lead at least some how giveing tips etc… I don’t know how well that Works on global …
Just for some alliances that i have Been got that problem that leader is just a title of one player

I think I can elaborate on the ranking fights in alliance idea. I believe that there should be an option to battle against your fellow alliance members and rank them in battle standards and to add on to the idea, PvP battles and to be able to view them within your alliance should be an option as well. Being able to look at other alliance members and looking at their strategies and how they build their teams is a great alliance building tactic and also keeping your alliance members engaged in the game.

That is a very requested feature.

Many people would like to be able to test their defense teams within the Alliance.

There are threads suggesting it :slight_smile:


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