Ranked and not ranked pvp


Lots of people are complaining about raids being matched by cups and not team power. To me this argument at first sounds just stupid because what is then the point in getting a stronger team in pvp? It would then be better to just sit tight with 2 star team, meeting other 2 star teams and gather ranking. I could be top ten in the world with 1000 team power and since I can only roll other teams with similar team power others has to lower their team power to be able to match me.

Short and simple: as long as the matches are ranked, i.e. in some sort of ladder system, matching by cups, or rank if you will, is the only thing that makes sense.

But: lots of people doesn’t care at all what their rank is and just want to gather resource or fill the hero chest.

  • well i honestly don’t understand how it is possible that this is a problem since if these people actually loses their games then they lose cups and next time they should meet a weaker team. If this isn’t enough they can just weaken their defence team, e.g. Leave just one hero in defence. They should plummet to a level where other one hero defences are located and should be able to farm away.

Anyway: since people are complaining about this a lot I suggest that devs implement a choice of doing ranked or not ranked raids. Ranked raid is not about cups at all and only about resource and filling chest. This is not that uncommon in other games. Hopefully this can be complemented with something that makes ranking interesting as a daily bonus depending on your rank so as to make that more interesting.


While team power is legit, the raid system is set to greatly benefit thw defense. The defense gains mana every turn and a lot of mana if they are hit. Meanwhile the attack team only gains mana when their shields match up. Worse yet, when the defense takes damage they charge faster from those hits than the attacker does for landing those hits. The defense also gets to pick their targets for basic attacks whereas the attackers don’t. Let’s face it basic attacks are nearly worthless, especially for attackers and they have a seriously negative impact too. Specials are what wins raids and the defense is roughly 3x more likely to use their specials than the attackers. The attack needs to be closer to equal with the defense to have a reasonabltly fair shot at winning and losing.


It seems to me that people oversimplify the problem of raids. Either it’s the matchmaking, the defending teams are too strong, the attacking teams are too strong, it should be more geared toward the match 3 concept, the defender and attacker should have the same board, I could go on forever with what I’ve read here.

I don’t see any of these as THE specific problem, rather it’s a far more complicated problem with elements of most of these sprinkled in. That being said, I’ll be first in line to criticize the dev’s when I feel they’ve made an error, but I don’t think an overhaul of any major aspect of raids is even remotely in the cards.

The amount of time, effort, and sheer coding that it would take to reinvent a system they’ve had since day one (with a few tweaks along the way) is simply an unreasonable concept. In my opinion, winning raids needs to be worth something before they spend a single second fixing anything; that time could be spent on far more useful aspects, such as fixing the horrendous drop rates of titans, or quests, or simply getting the heroes right the first time they’re released. I understand people feel strongly about losing their cups, but virtually every player I’ve ever encountered holds the same core concept on some level. Cups. Are. Worthless.

This is not to say that there is no problem with the raid system, or that it wouldn’t benefit from some added features such as the suggested ranked/unranked matches (which actually wouldn’t be too tough to implement, coincidentally), I just hold the belief that they should address the core problem before they work on bells and whistles. People either fill their chests mindlessly, or compete for the sake of competition. Which can be fun. For about a week. But it’s a massive area of peak player interest that’s lacking and has the potential to be the cornerstone of the game’s foundations.

I do like the idea of adding ranked/unranked raids, on the subject matter. The ability to choose would be beneficial to more casual players in particular. I do wonder how it would work with the defender though.

Edit: sometimes I forget how to spell words.


Good reply tempest. I agree with all except I find it a bit confusing to say that cups are worthless. Rather it is a standard system for determine rank. In most situations they could have skipped using cups and just said “if you beat someone higher than you you’ll advance a proportional step on the ladder”. It is a standard ELO system just as when playing chess, tennis or most other similar mobile games. If you care a about ranking, either for yourself or for your alliance then cups matter and if you don’t then cups doesn’t matter. In terms of gameplay, progression, finding items and so on rank, cups, doesn’t matter.

I more or less see everything I do in the game as a way to raise my and my alliance’s rank. It is the reason to farm the map for recruits, it is the reason to buy heroes and so on.

I think the wanted chests has put the emphasis on only killing heroes and this is probably what is confusing people. The only other reason to do raids is to gather resources but that loot is, except for early gameplay, very marginal in comparison to the output of farms.

I would love it if devs made it more interesting to raid for ranking. I would suggest a league system: spot 1-100 would be diamond, 101-250 gold, 251-500 silver and so on. It could be combined with a daily bonus based on this.


Thx for reply Mac. I agree that the troop attack (i.e. attack by switching tiles) in most cases do more harm to the attacker than the defender of the exact reasons you mentioned.

I would be careful though to say that this makes the raid system as a whole being tilted towards defending. A lot of people have the opposite experience. I am one of them.

Just so you understand how different it can be: when I log on to the game I’m met with the screen saying I’ve been attacked 5-25 times depending how long I’ve been offline. 9/10 of these are a loss for me. My defence, even though I’ve tried my best setting up a defencive line up hasn’t held at all. I then start attacking. I always attack teams with higher cups than me. In most cases I win 9/10. During the day I will lose once in a while to bad boards. In our alliance this is not an uncommon description of how the day plays out.

I have chosen fast heroes with high damage output. This is to be able to counter the fact you mentioned about defenders gain more mana from standard attacks then my heroes. After killing the first hero I exploit the fact that sending attacks that doesn’t hit a hero will instead give my heroes mana and none to the defender.

If the game starts off giving an advantage to the defender I would say that as soon as two heroes are down for the defender, even if the attacker has also lost 2-3 heroes, the game changes to tilt towards the attacker.


I agree with you. If you can open a hole and take advantage then definitely the raid is in favor of the attacker. If you cant do that then the attacker will never see the chance. I win far more often with my defense than I do my raid team. It has been this way since around 1600 cups. I am routinely defending against stronger opponents and I routinely lose raids to everyone. You are very fortunate to win so frequently. I’d be hard pressed to win 3/10. To be frank about it, cups and team strength seem to have played a minimal role in the outcome.