Rangers's talent skill BYPASS Mist DEBUFF

The talent should only bypass defensive buffs, benefiting the attacker, but please check the gameplay. I’ve been noticing it many times since two weeks ago, the talent skill bypasses debuffes too.

That means the damage dealt is lower than actually is. The debuffs are supposed to amplify the attacker’s damage. The bug ignores these debuffs.

For example, Lianna’s skill on an enemy with Mist and Eve’s debuffs combined, would deal around 1600 damage to most 5*.

When the talent is active, the damage ignores the debuffs and only deals 800-900 damage.

I don’t have a screenshot because this happens randomly.



Which buffs specifically is Lianna bypassing?

Mist puts a BUFF on her allies
Evelyn puts a DEBUFF on enemies & an Elemental Link BUFF on allies.

If Lianna is on the Other team to Evelyn and Mist, she can (ane could) bypass both the buffs made by Evelyn and Mist.

If Lianna is on the SAME team to Evelyn, she DOES NOT bypass the “debuff”… At least shouldn’t. If you have pictures/ video of this happening uploading them will help.

Sorry I wasn’t clear enough. I will use the term “ailments” too btw.

Mist, Eve, and Lianna are all on my team.

Say, I would attack Vivica (just an example), I cast Mist first to Viv, then Eve to Viv.

Mist gives two debuffs/ailments too btw, one of them being -def against Special Skills. Then I cast Eve to Viv.

So by this time, Viv has had two defense debuffs: -def against green and -def against SS.

Now’s Lianna time. Lianna’s SS in this particular setting to most 5* varies between 1600-1800 damage.

BUT if Lianna’s attack/SS triggers her talents, she will bypasses both debuffs and only deals 900 ish damage. 900 ish damage is Lianna’s normal damage without any amplifier.

I think that’s a bug, right? Because talents should only work on enemies’ buffs not debuffs/ailments.

I don’t have a video at this moment but will try to get some. Talents are triggered very randomly and very rarely on Special Skill, so it’s going to be hard to capture it. But i has happened more than four times.

  1. Did Vivica have a defence buff up?
  2. Did the enemy have any attack debuffs on your team?

I use the Evelyn and Lianna combo a lot and haven’t seen any issues previously… I don’t have mist so I can’t test that combination

Umm, no cause Eve’s skill clears buffs. :slight_smile:

Anyway, please take a look at this video:

Ranger's talent bugs - YouTube

  1. Considering Lianna has lower def than Marjana, it’s only logical that my Lianna would deal higher damage to the opponent’s Lianna than to the opponent’s Marjana.

  2. Opponent’s Lianna (0:09) had two ailments/debuffs: -def agains green and -def against SS. My Lianna damage to her should be above 1600 (I remember the number is 1600 ish).

  3. BUT here rangers’ talent was triggered and for some reason the damage was much lower. Either Mist’s debuff or Eve’s debuffs was bypassed here. Those are debuffs that I gave so either shouldn’t be bypassed.

  4. Look at the end of the video (0:54) when I killed Marjana. Marjana also had two debuffs here. Exactly the same.

  5. BUT no talent triggered here and the damage is normal, which is 1600 ish. This is the damage from two debuffs combined.

In case I wasn’t clear, the bug is in phase no. 3 (0:09).

The bug has occurred more than 5 times now. The number is noticeable because I always expect 1600++ damage from Lianna whenever enemies get both debuffs. The other thing that I’ve noticed when that happens is the talent being triggered.

So it looks like the talent bypasses my own debuffs on the enemies. I’m pretty sure that’s what happens.

Actually, yes, with only Eve’s debuff + Lianna’s SS, I’ve never seen such issue before.

But with Mist combined, that’s when it sometimes happens.

I guess you’re pretty familiar with Eve’s debuff + Lianna’s SS dealing around 1200 1300 ish damage to most 5 stars right?

So even 1100 damage seems odd (like in my video above).

But sometimes it can be 900, or 800 when the bypass is triggered. Just isn’t right.

There can be substantial variation in the damage dealt due to the ‘theta’ parameter; not saying it’s the explanation or anything but there have been some big variances depending on what that random parameter generates as.

I’ll let the staff know and we can wait and see.

The difference is too big and it’s just not logical that the damage coming from one debuff (only Eve) would be relatively higher than the damage coming from two debuffs (Eve + Mist). Don’t you think?

This is my Lianna dealing damage to another Lianna with two debuffs. The bypass didn’t happen here and the damage is like this


1600+ is the standard from two debuffs. You could check Mist’s thread where people are combining debuffs from her and other’s elemental debuffers (Eve, Jackal, etc).

The one thing I notice: Whenever the damage is skewed almost half the actual damage, Ranger’s talent is triggered. So that must be something to do with the talent. I hope the staff will look into if the talent bypasses own debuffs on enemies accidentally.

Another example that the team might investigate.

There’s just no way that the damage dealt to MN who has much higher def than Anzogh is higher than the damage dealt to Anzogh (same debuffs) and by nearly 300 point difference nonetheless. :slight_smile: Also, we could notice the bypasses happened again there with Anzogh.

We know something is wrong. :smiley:

Thanks anyway. I hope you guys look into this.

Thanks for the reports! We’ll investigate this here.


If you notice the damage Evelyn does when her talent doesn’t activate and Mist’s ability is active, it’s around 1080-1100, but when Evelyn’s ranger talent bypasses and Mist’s ability is already active, the damage is far less, around 780.

@Guvnor @Petri @JonahTheBard @zephyr1

Edit: I realized after I published the video, that I said v18 when it’s v28 in question.

Just raided someone with that same team from the video and it did the same thing in raids. I hit Telluria, Vela and Joon with Mist, then followed up with Evelyn and it did the whole bypass on Vela, keeping her alive because it did less than 300 on her but did nearly 500 on Joon w/out the bypass symbol. I wouldn’t have said anything if it hadn’t been the cause of me loosing that raid. Very disappointing.


Heya @King_Kyree77, I’ve shifted your thread as it has already been reported. STAFF are aware & investigating.


Thank you. I appreciate you and every other moderator.


My colleague found that if Mist tricked her skill, then TYR trick his skill. The bypassed skill of TYR did not get help from Mist skill. Both skill should help each other.


Glad I’m not the only one reporting this. Now the team hopefully will fix this soon. I’ve lost a couple of raid battles because my damage went wrong at the crucial times.

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I was farming 8-7 with the lineup in the picture.
Mist fired her special first that imposed 30% defense down on special skills onto the bosses and then the two ranger snipers fired their shots.

Seshat’s bypass triggered and her damage bypassed the SS defense down only resulting in 1175 much less than her normal over 1400 without bypass.

The description of bypass says bypasses defensive buffs so it is not incorrect if defense down is also considered defensive buff.

I wonder if this is intended as normally you don’t think bypass can be a disadvantage.

It’s a known issue

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Merged thanks :heart:

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