Ranger emblems – Alasie?

It makes no sense to give them to Athena or Evelyn…so do they go to Alasie??

Both Eve and Athena can already get thru enemy shield …so how would I benefit giving them the ranger emblems?

Why does it not make sense for Evelyn or Athena? The initial hit goes through any buffs (armor, riposte) and they get dispelled afterwards by Evelyn or Athena (athena just armor).

I gave them to Evelyn because she is my most used ranger and I use her to dispell riposte - giving the possibility that she bypasses riposte and dispells it.

Evelyn is a dispeller already and her attack hits while dispelling thus not needing the emblems…

Athena is a shield dropper…again thus not needing the emblems…

BOTH of them can get thru shields with their specials…

I understand the emblems are guild to regular attacks but if their special skill attack already does that it just doesnt make sense to waste emblems on the two in my opinion

The special happens in the order how its worded on the card. So evelyn/athena hit with damage and afterwards they dispell/drop armor. So it‘s as usefull on them as on Alasie.

Evelyn is a dispeller already and her attack hits while dispelling thus not needing the emblems…

Evelyn doesnt dispell WHILE her attack but afterwards

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I pulled Athena during Atlantis Rises this month so I have the fortunate problem of having to choose between Lianna and Athena for my Ranger emblems. I have Lianna on my defense team and her special skill may benefit more from the Ranger talent but she’s already a beast and I was thinking Athena may actually benefit more from the stat bumps. Thoughts?

Extra credit: I have a +19 Super Grimm but his ability overlaps with Athena’s so is it worth resetting Super Grimm to give the emblems to another Barbarian? I have a Gretel who would appreciate them and there are plenty of Kunchen tanks for her to go after.

Thanks for your insights!

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bump. thanks!

20(x20) unspent ranger emblems

If it were me, out of those options I’d go with Athena, since I tend to prioritize heroes who are highly useful on Titans.

But I’m also not giving Emblems to 5* anymore, so my real answer personally would be “none of the above.”

As for Grimm, if you’ll take Athena on Offense instead of him, he probably won’t get much use. But if you’ll use them together, I’d be inclined to keep him Emblemed and then just start on a second Barbarian.


I did the same thing (pulled Athena) and also have an emblemed Grimm… my plan is to give Athena the emblems currently sitting on puny Triton, as Lianna is a no-show, and then strip Grimm to beaf up GM.

What pathway will you do for Athena if you choose her? Health/def?

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Good call, GM will be happy. I think I’m going to reallocate my barbarian emblems to Gretel as I use her in my Kunchen stack (Drake + Jackal + Gretel). I’m just going to follow Attack for Athena, I want the extra tile damage and for her special to have some more “oomph.” Her def/health stats are already in line with King Arthur & Frida who are pretty durable.

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Sounds like a good plan! I’m very much looking forward to doing the 1-2 with Frida and Athena and retire paper-Grimm…

Hah my Kunchen stack is quite similar, Gretel+Jackal+Poseidon. Less than +5 and he melts.

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