Ranger Emblem Redistribution help

I already am about 9 or 10 nodes in on Berden. When I get Lianna, would it be a good idea to use my reset emblem on Berden grab the emblems and use them on Lianna?

Yes, just a note that reset emblem is very rare to get. And if you reset with gems, it will back 95% emblems.



You could wait a long time for this, you know? :rofl:
As for your question, it depends on how many reset emblems you currently have and how many projects you will need to reset.

If you have less projects than reset emblems, no problem :+1: but if you have more projects than reset emblems, than paying with gems or letting them on Berden could be the better choice


I’m at 53.5 weeks without getting Lianna, for one anecdotal example.

I also really can’t imagine a situation where Emblems should jump from a 3* to a 5*. The fact that they ended up on a 3* to begin with is a good indication that 4* bench depth is going to be the next priority before working on 5*, and there are great 4* Rangers to choose from — in fact, really all of them are good options, with Tiburtus, Buddy, Triton, Chao, and Jack O’Hare all being solid choices for Emblems.


@zephyr1 I could redistribute them to Chao when I get him maxed. I have yet to get really any other rangers other than Chao and Berden but on the very small off chance that I do get Lianna, then I do want to give her emblems. It is just four stars already cost over 500 for a full grid. Just dreading a five star grid which I think might be 2.5 times the four star grid cost.

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Lianna is certainly excellent, and well deserving of Emblems as far as 5* go.

But I think the payoff of Emblems on 4* is much larger, except for players who have 20-30+ maxed 5* already, and aren’t using 4* much or at all for War.

Chao tends to get overlooked, but mana control is hugely effective, and a Fast 25% cut can really turn the tide in a battle. Making him stronger is well worthwhile, and Ranger’s Pierce Talent suits him well.


@zephyr1 Another really good ranger that I have my eyes on is Tibertus. Pierce paired with ramming pulverizer is imo my dream combo. Mainly because of all the Borils and Cyprians I go up against in wars and raids. Having that special bypass the counter attacks could be a huge game changer for me. Cause with Grimm when going up against an active counter attack I always have to decide if it is even worth the risk or not.

At least with Tibertus I sort of have an insurance policy of sorts with pierce.

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Tiburtus is also hugely helpful for holy Titans, and is a good default go-to Ramming Pulverizer as the most balanced of the three Pulverizer Bros.

If you get him, he’d be a great choice for Emblems too, and I’d personally give both him and Chao Emblems before Lianna.

I will caution you, though, that trying to plan around heroes you don’t have is a very dangerous mindset…unless you don’t mind spending endless money until you get what you want.

Even for big spenders, it can take a very long time to get specific 4* and 5* heroes.

So I’d encourage you to set and stick to a budget and plan, utilize TC20 in addition to Summons, and work with what you’ve got and what you get, as you get it — without getting too caught up hoping for particular heroes.


@zephyr1 I think the last time I even bought any gems was 4 or 5 months ago. Don’t really plan on buying anymore in all honesty. Just gonna build 3 TC 20s when I get my stronghold to 21. I am gonna have 2 TCs where I have the advanced elemental trainings unlocked. And I am just gonna rely on good ol rng to get the remaining heroes to draw. I just use my gems now for raid tournament continues. I am just planning ahead for right now and when I do get the heroes I do want, I can at least know what I am gonna do with them without wondering.

Just one thing I would wish that would happen for events like the Xmas one, sand empire, etc. Would be to give one token to every player that would be a guaranteed event hero. Doesn’t matter the rarity, it will be a event hero and not the vanilla heroes. I am minusing Atlantis because that rolls once a month.

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It’s an interesting idea, though I’m skeptical they’d ever add that…

But I’m glad to hear you’ve gone F2P, many players find they end up happier in the long run that way.

I ran 3xtc20 for about 6 weeks, and got a lot of great 4* out of that, plus Vivica and Leonidas.

Since then, I’ve run one tc20 at times, including the last couple months or so, which has yielded Joon, Azlar, and a whole bunch of additional 4* duplicates, some of which I was very excited to get.

As long as you’re patient, you’ll eventually get good heroes from tc20.

As for using gems on continues for Raid Tournaments, I personally don’t think the loot merits it. But some people like doing it for the extra Raids to fill their Chests, or just for fun.


@zephyr1 The tournament is where I have been getting 80% of my rare ascension mats. The one that just finished before the current one, I got another compass to drop. I was extremely ecstatic. Not to mention I still have a few Damascus blades collecting dust in my inventory. Haven’t run across any tome of tactics though.

The rest of the mats keep coming from the elemental chests that keep popping up. I am at least able to do 2 of the rare quest areas fully to get the rare ascension mats.


Rare Quests and Challenge Events are excellent sources of guaranteed Ascension Materials. Getting to the point where you can reliably complete those, including the Epic and Legendary tiers of Events will take a while, but the payoff is huge.

Diamond tier Raid Chests are also an excellent source of mats over time, but that takes a while to get to too.

And Elemental Chests tend to be a good source, particularly for 3* mats. I’ve been tracking mine here:

Every other Farholme Pass has one in the loot for the last Stage.


@zephyr1 Last time Farholme Pass was up, my lineup wasn’t strong enough to tackle the final stage. Now that I am about 3150 in my main team power, I will be able to tackle it when it rolls around next.


Quests are one of the places that mana control really shines. Chao can be useful there. :slight_smile:

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@zephyr1 Ever since I got Chao, he has always been part of my main line up. I do intend on taking him with me to face the Dark Lord.


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