Ranger emblem dilemma (poll)

Just got enough for one more 5* and can’t decide between Khepri or Peñolite.

Dark/Purple 5* rooster:
Hulda (LB +20)
cGuardian Panther (LB +20)
cFreya (LB +20)
Goseck (LB +20)
Quintus (+20) - never uses but I use cRigard & cSabina

Holy/Yellow 5* rooster:
Kullervo (LB +20)
Eloise (LB +20)
Kara (LB +20)
Rhys (LB +20)
cLeonidas (LB +20)
cWhite rabbit

Please give me your opinion.

  • Khepri
  • Peñolite

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Penolite is my choice. Her or kullvero are amazing on offense and defense.

Peñolite is amazing and I do got two other maxed gargoyles so I guess she will a great addition.

But I am little surprised that Khepri isn’t getting any love since I’ve been having a lot of trouble with Khepri tanks in wars lately.
I guess the problem is my supply of emblem since both are great. Tho I wont strip Tethys of any since she is awesome as well.

I think Kherpi is Amazing. I think penolite’s hit all and stoneskin is the seals the deal for me.

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With so many minion and fiend summoners, ncluding the W3K heroes currently favoured by the top alliances, Penolite will come in super handy.

So yes, Penolite gets my vote. Mine is maxed, emblemed and LB. Khepri is still waiting at 3/70 for tabards.

Also considering that Dark tanks are the main trend in wars, Peni gets one more vote :smiley: