Ranger coins for Athena or Red hood


I have two maxed player which is Athena and Red Hood, does any of them benefit to give Ranger coins? Thank you for your help.


I’d give them to Red Hood myself.


I’m planning on giving mine to Athena. Both are good options, but I think Athena is just a more useful hero across the board.


I have both maxed, im going athena or liana over redhood. Imo they will get better use of the skills. Now which of those two, im not sure.


Absolutely! As much as u can strengthen a character do it. It will make her even more awesome than she already is. I have had too. Just got her to Chevron 3 level 30. My other favorite is Morgan Le Fay. I have her at 3 to almost to 4. I posted a discussion about self-made dumb mistake corrections too just about 20 minute ago. If u can read it and vote if possible. I would b grateful. Hope the advice helped too


Thank you everyone for taking time to give your opinion/tip, I close my eyes and gave Athena the precious coins.


athena … i would say athena


Red hood to me seems in that “nice to have but I can certainly live also without her” category. Athena, however, is essential. It seems no-brainer to me.