Ranger coins for Alasie or Evelyn?

What would be better. Give Evelyn the coins or Alasie?

Depends on your roster.
Both are worth it.

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Alasie in a vacuum. Evelyn is more of a support character for other greens, so she benefits less from scaling.


But Evelyn with emblems can debuff bypassing riposte damage, which then allows others to also not be damaged, so definitely a good support boost

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Debuff riposte? It is more an „ignore“. Any following attack will still run into the riposte. And this even with more damage thrown back due to the color defense debuff.

Regarding the question, I selected Alasie even with additional, similar heros available ready for emblems.

One more remark from my side. I did not monitor the ranger talent with special attacks. I just saw the talent activating with normal attacks by stone tiles.

Did anyone see the ranger talent for specials?

If not, it does not matter which hero is selected. It matters when do you plan to use the hero (defense, attack teams, …)

Evelyn would bypass the riposite with her talent,and then use her debuff to clear it, not taking damage in the process.

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Oh you are right. I just focussed on the talent not on the native ability of the hero. In that case you are right. Mea culpa.

But riposte is not an often used ability in defenses in diamond. However I selected Alasie for defense purposes.

None of the above…Lianna will be beast mode amped up. I will go out on a limb and bet she will at 80/20 one shot ■■■■ near any 80/20 hero.

I were wondering… how could work a classed Evelyn focused on critical strikes (with crit troop)?
By ignoring eventual defensive buffs and lowering the nature’s resistance how threatening she could be?

How many ripost heros do you see on defense teams though? I rarely run into them personally

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Not that many (mostly Elena and Obakan at the 5* level), just a perk to be aware of. It also has benefits for bypassing improved armor (thereby doing full damage) before dispelling the bug (Vivica and Aegir are good examples). I’m curious if a ranger can bypass Ameonna’s skill (but then again, who uses her?).

I have Evelyn at 3/70 and Lianna at 4/80 and will need to debate who to give the emblems to. Evelyn with the spirit link will be much more formidable than Lianna fully buffed. Also AOE specials go well together, but not necessarily that well with snipers. For example, having Gravemaker and Zimkitha myself fully leveled, Evelyn may pain better with them as then there is a chance at killing multiple enemies with specials where Lianna’s skill is often wasted on a partially damaged hero (overkill factor).

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Your part about bypassing def buffs is what has ne thinkin alasie especially if it allows her to bypass mits

What does that skill max at? 30%?

I wouldn’t use Alasie if she had a 70% chance of killing herself or nearly doing it; I would dispel first or wait for it to expire.

At least if you suicide kill a hero with riposte, you damage the hero you hit. With Mits special, the target takes no damage at all.

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The skills will mainly be used for war defense teams…

Right now players bring mits to defense teams thst use blue heros then they get the blue hero to kill itself for laughs

Imagine the shock factor if that backfired unexpectedly lol

On defense that would be a help. The AI isn’t smart enough to hold Alasie’s special when Mits is active, and might get lucky.

They are both really good but as Olmor said it depends on your roster. You should ask yourself, “What am I fighting? Is X or Y more appropriate for this particular battle?”

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