Random vs Difficulty

I am talking about the tiles.
Everybody say they are random.
Yes, I know, I will wake up all the Apostles of the Randomness.
And yes, it is random.
But, then how do you explain in the Molrovia Event there are 2 difficultt tiers:
Normal and Advanced.
According to the laws of randomness there should be no difficulty whatsoever or the first stage should be as difficult as the last stage. It’s random.
Where is the difficulty coming from?
From the baws?
No way. They’re all the same (in Normal and in Advanced).
Now you come and tell me that there is a slight chance that random has a degree not just wild random and it might be controlled.

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Not really sure I understand.

Yes they are the same.

The tiles are not the same throughout and neither are the strength of the monsters. So I guess that is the difference if I understand correctly.


The change in difficulty is in relation to the HP/Damage of the enemies you are fighting (even if it’s the same enemies).

Where does that correlate with RNG of tiles?


It’s about the strength of the enemies.

I expect the boards feel more difficult on the harder level because you’re under more pressure not to let the pumpkins explode and cause damage.


Also pumkins will hurt a lot more.

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