"Random Tiles"

So I’ve been playing this game for over a year and a half. The biggest issue I see in this game is the “Random Tiles”. I would love to see the program that dictates this “randomness”. Whenever… besides once in over a year of playing this game… I have attacked a Fire Titan with multiple Ice heroes (could be any color combo which is strongest) there was minimal blue tiles. This had happened so often that I stopped leaving any color out because that is what the majority would be. In Raid Tournaments it’s the same thing. Today I had a team consisting of a red,blue,green,green,green hero lineup. All games started with 20-21 yellow/purple of the 35 tile total with 2 green tiles. Never… I mean never, besides the 1 time during a Titan attack has it ever been the other way. Even in Alliance Wars, it doesn’t matter, I have attacked 3500 teams with my 4200 team and lost because of tile “randomness”. To me, this should not happen. This totally affects gameplay and takes any kind of strategy out of the game. I am the leader of the Enlightened Hooligans and multiple members have stated their frustrations as well. I understand there is more to the game with the hero’s abilities and such but when I have to leave out a certain hero color for whatever reason and the majority of the tiles are that color and I lose or whatever, that get very frustrating. I wonder… are the tiles random for the individual or just the game in total? So are there players that mostly get the majority of tile colors they need?

This topic has been discussed extensively. Please see, for example,

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