Random Rotating Tank Colors for War

I posted this in the Telluria Vela balance thread but it got lost. Also, apologies if this has already been discussed.

How about allowing alliances to opt into rotating tank colors for war? Each war would be red v red or yellow v yellow, etc. Also, build UI where players could set up 5 different war defenses, one for each color (that way there’d be no need to scramble a set up before each war).

IMO this would solve the monotony of seeing the same green tanks with GTV war after war after war… Plus, it would allow a variety of heroes to be used offensively and defensively. I’d recommend also that hero levels and emblems lock on war matchup so teams can’t shift emblems after color is set every war to gain an advantage.

I’m thinking this wouldn’t be that hard for the devs to implement and would instantly improve the variety and fun factor of wars. Any thoughts?

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