Random question- Mallard Ducks & Dragon hunting rewards?

Do you actually get anything for killing the geese on the screen and is it possible to actually kill that dragon on the screen? I’ve tried many times but no luck!

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No to your first question and yes to your second question. The dragon takes a lot to kill, you have to catch it early as soon as it comes on screen to have a chance at taking it down.


Wrong you totally get rewards! You get my love and respect!

Ok, that is a bit worthless. Lol

Thank you i kept getting mixed answers

Hahaha!!! That was pretty funny! But yes not worth anything!

Anyone else notices, that if you shoot all geese down, the sound of them will move on as if they were still on their way? :joy:

Can anybody please tell me how to hunt down ducks over base? Now a quest on Path of Valour …

Seriously? Have you tried tapping them yet?

Can’t see any ducks :duck: to kill lol

They fly overhead in the clear blue sky by the castle. It’s in intervals, but I’m not sure how often. When you see them, just tap them and they will fall from the sky.

The first pass for me got 11 of them!


Thanks guys much appreciated :blush:

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Ducks are easy, but if we ever get the dragon quest, it better be worth a whole lotta’ valor points, cause there’s loooots of tapping involved in taking it down. And you actually have to lurk around waiting for it to show-up if you want a chance to take it down.

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I did take down the dragon, but yeah you have to catch it all the way on the right as it’s entering and basically tap on it nonstop until it’s about to leave the screen.

I heard you get 1 ham per duck killed from a friend who was just starting out at the time that I told him that you can shoot them out of the sky, but he’s been known to misinterpret things, so I’d take that report with a grain of salt. Even if true, it’s negligible food income anyway.

Don’t quote me on that. I never verified it.

Edit: not a thing.

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I do not understand that you have this game against ducks.
Even God loves that stupid creature.

Kind of sounds like you have a problem with ducks too :laughing: :duck:

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