Random pull drop for bi-element heroes

Random pull character with specail skill like a mixed character blue green .red yellow .etc . Doesnt show up just comes up in epic or std pull .
So not targeted at just high lvl players who get all the rewards on specail events, but could pop up for anyone or any lvl, be it beginner or high lvl players .
I think a limited numbers ,but random 3.4.5 .stars.
It would give lower lvl players as much hope as higher lvl.
Possibly new one every couple of months .so would be concidered very lucky pull .but random combo special colour .

No offense, but the lack of punctuation gave me a mini panic attack.

From what I can gather, you want a random 3/4/5* hero rewarded (ie: epic hero summon)?

Save up 300 gems & voila! If I’m mistaken, please feel free to elaborate.

But a real special combo colour red fire combined with blue ice or any of the five colour in a combo .
More likely 3 or 4 lvl as it could be quite a toughish one to beat .
Coming random from epic or elemental pull.
Very rare limited numbers .
Just think it might hold some interest give hope to anyone playing almost like collectors item.
If you got one of these would feel real lucky or special.
Maybe like only couple of hundred per month .

Just yesterday I was thinking about bi-element heroes. They raise some mechanics challenges, but can probably be solved:

  • Ascension mats: uses two each the appliable 3* mats and three each of the 4*. For example, a 4* holy-fire hero needs two hidden blades and two orbs, plus all the usual other stuff, for final ascension.
  • troops. Bi-color heroes can use either color troop.
  • weaknesses and strengths. Two options, of which I prefer the second.
    Option 1: inherits weaknesses and strengths of both elements. The holy-fire hero would be weak against attacks from both dark and ice heroes, and would be strong attacking both dark and nature heroes.
    Option 2: as above, but is only half-weak or half-strong. So instead of weak at 50% and strong at 200%, it would use 75% and 150% (unless against another bi-color hero: holy-fire attacking dark-nature gets the normal 200%).
    Option 3: on attack, the color of the eqipped troop determines the elemental strength or weakness. Defense as per 1 or 2.

Bi-elemental heroes would be an interesting way of broadening the hero rosters without duplicating existing heroes.

I’m not sold on the idea of these going out on silver summons, ar least not at 4* or 5*.

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Hi again.
Yes it could pose I problem or two .
After some thought probably only a lvl 3 or 4
But do like some of your ideas as well.
Considering they do special event heros and new ones , probably not too hard.

Agree only from epic or elemental summon.

Still ,my train of thought is limited numbers ,random from that pull .
Possibly 100 only per month .
They could do a random lottery daily give away .1 only per day ,
but picking giving something away for free even if it was only one a day here is not likely.

I don’t think with number of players combined with numbers given away would affect to many players in wars and raids ,special events etc.

It was more the thought that there is some hope to get something very special for everyone, no mater what lvl or how much you do or don’t spend .
Rare collectable effectively

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