Random loot?

I know developers will say its Random what you get for price?!
But i mean cmon!! I have a feeling that they see how much i spend on this game and intentionally not giving me good stuff!! I am always on top score on titan yet always get crappie loots…
All ascension items i buy in store and waiting for them for months… shame on…

I am not a developer of this game, but, yes, it is all random. And, of course nobody is sitting on a server and manually tune odds for a particular person. It’s a conspiracy theory.
But I totally understand what you feel. I wish the odds could be higher.

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Should you wish to see your frustration expressed poetically, it’s covered here:https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/oh-fortuna-the-mercilessness-of-probability-poem-art/28790

Perfect example! Titan loot tier VIII (A) score

Verses loot tier VII (B) score So it’s not rewarding getting a A score!

It’s been a week since I got a non farmable getting a and b on 10* titans and titan boxes, that must be nice.

Obtubistes 2 elementos de ascension. Donde está el problema?


You obtained 2 elements of ascension. Where is the problem?

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Upsss! Perdon. 3 elementos de ascension.

Upsss! Forgive 3 ascension elements.

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Loot tier 8 and loot tier 7 basically give you 2 roll chances so not much different. Loot tier 9 and up is the one that will get you to 3 roll chances, increasing your odds.

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You can‘t conclude that something is not rewarding out of one sample…

If your tier score is higher it doesnt say: You get better loot!

It says: The probability of getting better loot is higher!

Many ppl don‘t understand probabilities and thus flame the game. But in the long run it‘s just fair…

I have three accounts in my alliance, and sorry I was saving data on all my titan tier loots but I speak from experience when I say “my 2nd and 3rd accounts” (with B & C scores) get better loots . So I decided to get a tier VII loot with my main account

well… I rest my case